2016 – Greeting in the New Year Under Water

Mary Beth Thar - 2016 President of the Michigan U/W Divers Club
Mary Beth Thar – 2016 President of the Michigan U/W Divers Club
Subject: Greeting in the New Year (Under Icey waters)

On December 31, an hour before the stroke of midnight, members of the Michigan Underwater Divers (MUD) club and friends began their pre-dive rituals in preparation for celebrating the changing of the year in their usual way, by entering the dark, Icey waters of one of Michigan’s numerous rivers.

This year, Ken Riemer (Berrien Springs), Mary Beth Thar (Niles), Joshua Synder (Ft. Wayne), Kevin Ailes (Bangor), Shawn Schanck (Niles), Mike Schwartz (St. Joseph) and Don McAlhany (St. Joseph) spent the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 in the icey water of the Saint Joseph River. This is the 40th consecutive New Year’s Eve underwater dive for Don McAlhany, charter members of the club.

The dive was accomplished with the assistance of Lucy Reimer (Berrien Springs), Larry Steelman (Niles), Sarah McCarthy (Three Rivers), and Jake Thar (Niles), who braved the low temperature to perform as diver tenders and surface support for all the participants.

The continuing New Year’s celebration was at the residence of Don and Sharon McAlhany.

For those interested in Sport diving, they are invited to attend the monthly MUD Meeting held at Andrews University, Price Hall, on the third Tuesday of each month beginning at 7:30 pm.

Turkey Dive 2015

Seven Muddies got wet in the annual club Turkey Dive. Wetsuit divers out numbered the drysuit divers 5 to 2. The drysuits ended up with more time in the water. Visibility was in the 1′ to 5′ range with current moving at a hefty clip due to recent rains. The water temperature was 40 to 43 degrees F.

Four muddies were present for shore support. Some got wetter then they were planning on.

Finds included a modern embossed brick, coke bottle, marble, fishing lures, misc. filter and a golf ball which makes it an office dive

Mud Club Divers Turkey Dive

Brick Face

Brick Side

Coke Bottle and Golf Ball

Marble and Lure


Turkey Divers Almost Black and White

Thirsty Thursday Dive

A whole bunch of people descended upon the river this day and we will let the pictures do the talking.

Andy entering the water
Andy entering the water

Mark Urwin  after the dive
Mark Urwin after the dive
Adam and Hallie
Adam and Hallie
John and his very nice stoneware.
John and his very nice stoneware.
Sarah's Bottles
Sarah’s Bottles
Mary Beths "stuff"
Mary Beths “stuff”

Wednesday Morning Snorkeling

Oct 7 – Jake Went down an snorkeled the St. Joe river this morning and the only thing that got a little cold was his lips. He stated it was just like kissing an Eskimo, so they warmed up fast. He was in for about an hour or more. Found a bunch of trash, two bottles, flip flops, and a big Shell sign.

Jakes Snorkeling Dive Treasures
Jakes Snorkeling Dive Treasures

Sunday River Dive

Sunday – John Nedoba headed out to the Saint Joseph in Niles and dove off the park area behind the theater. The water temperature was 50 degrees ad the visibility a grand 10ft. Even though diving WET, John got in about an hour and a half.

Todays dive finds by John N.
Todays dive finds by John N.

Diving off Milwaukee, WI.

Kevin Ailes went diving this day in Milwaukee, WI with “GL Shipwreck Explores”. It was a most excellent day of diving with great people which is what a lot of this is all about? Divers & Crew were Jitka Hanakova and Todd Shaw The water was a bit colder on that side of the lake but with better vis. AT the dive site the temperature was 41 degrees below 50 feet but with 20-30 foot vis.

Shipwreck Explorers
Shipwreck Explorers
Milwaukee, WI. in the background
Milwaukee, WI. in the background

Someone from the club is diving just about every week…