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Interested in  Scuba Diving? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Come join us every 3rd Tuesday (except December) for our Monthly MUD meeting.
Looking for a dive? Check out our Calendar to see what’s on the schedule.

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Event Calendar 2021

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Greeting the New Year Underwater 2021

Yep, it was that time of year again. On December 31st, an hour or so before the stroke of midnight, several members of the Michigan Underwater Divers (MUD) Club and friends (observing social distancing practices) began their pre-dive rituals in preparation for celebrating the changing of the year in their usual way, by entering the dark, ice-cold waters of one of Michigan’s numerous bodies of water.

This year’s dive was again in the Saint Joseph river off Riverview Park in Niles, Michigan. With only a little snow, ice on the walkways and along the shore, no wind and with the air temp of ~19F, it was almost balmy.

Collectively though the divers had a bit of a challenging dive tonight with the river much lower than last year and having to walk out to deeper water w/o fins. Current was slow but again the visibility was like diving in pea soup.

Shore support was provided by Jake Thar (Niles) and Karen Mann (Bangor) who braved the night travels across the snow and Icey roads to perform as diver surface support for all the participants.

There were 5 divers in the water to begin the dive and most importantly, 5 out. Those diving were: Mary Beth Thar (Niles), Sir Larry Steelman (Niles), Kevin Ailes (Bangor), Amy Ailes (Bangor), Don McAlhany (St. Joseph), It was fun as usual, so maybe come out and join us next year!

The first Day dive of the New Year, January 1st, was completed by Muddy Bob Sweeney at Gilboa Quarry

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Tankful Tuesday

Tankful Tuesday Dive – June 23- Little Paw Paw Lake – Coloma, MI. 18:30 hrs (6:30 PM for others) – We met at the Public Access / boat launch.

To get there from I-94, Exit at 39 and head east on West Center Street, turn left onto North Church Street, thru downtown Coloma and follow “Paw Paw Lake Road” as it parallels Big PPL. Turn left onto Johnston Road (you’ll see the Handy Spot convenience store at the corner) and turn Left on Helen Street. That links up with Lake Drive and the public access parking. (that’s about 3 miles)

Looking to the right you will see the public access parking. If it had been crowded we were going to convoy to Forest Beach on Big PPL.

At the Public Access and boat launch. The sand beach area and the swim area off the beach was very clean and safe for kids. Drop off started at about 6 feet. Dark bottom when getting to deeper water ~25″ but a light makes the difference. Metal detecting not so good BUT grubbing was great! We pretty much had the public access all to ourselves this day with just a little bit of boat traffic. Nice warm day, gentle breeze and the few threatening clouds all passed us by.

Little Paw Paw Lake from the air – Boat Launch
The sandy spot, left center) is the Public Access. The lake is ~90 acres. The deepest point in the lake is 27 feet. Lake turnover time is ~.3 yrs. Boat launch and park at the end of “Helen” road. Heavy weeds in the summer out to 10 feet, bottom to the left of the launch is heavy muck and very dark. When Carp are breeding they sometime bump you if you are in the weeds and in their territory.
Karen, Barb, Kirk and Mac were on hand today. Karen finding the “official Dive” golf ball(s). Kurt & Barb provided shore support.
Like I said, Karen the grubber, did very well and some nice finds were recovered
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Tankful Tuesday

Today’s dive was in Lake Michigan off the North Pier, Tiscornia Park, St, Joseph, Mi.

This was the initial post of this dive: Tuesdays dive is slated to be on the North Pier off Tiscornia Beach “WEATHER PERMITTING” which mean zero to very minimal wave action. There is a $9 (weekdays) charge to park at Tiscornia Park. The alternate dive site will be (Big) Paw Paw Lake (Watervliet) at the Forest Beach park.

I will visit the North Pier Tuesday in the early afternoon to determine wave action and diving conditions. “IF” in my opinion there is wave heights that do not meet what I consider the safest for intermediate divers I will immediately post on the club site that we will be diving our alternate site “Forest Beach”.

IF the pier conditions are good, those interested in consolidating gear and sharing a ride to the park can gather at the Whirlpool parking lot on Upton Drive prior to 1830 hrs (6:30 PM). Look for a dive flag!

It’s a long walk from the parking lot to the mid-point on the pier so its suggested that you bring a dolly cart or wagon to haul your gear. For those not diving just coming down and providing shore support is always appreciated.

The following pictures tell all about the dive. You missed a good one 🙂

Social Distancing before during and after the dive..
Water level is high as seen here on the lake side midpoint of the North Pier.
Karen M somewhere along the pier wall – visibility anywhere from 5 to 10 feet.
Treasures found included severay nice dive masks and even this skateboard in good working order. Lots of fish, very very few gobies seen and very low levels of zebra mussle infestation. Big surprise on both these items.
My face to face greeter when surfacing at the end of the dive.
Sun just setting as we finished loading our wet gear and departing the park.
Had to get that final sunset shot from the bluffs in downtown St. Joseph, MI. on the way home.
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Tankful Tuesday

This weeks pickup TT day dive was at the DNR Launch on Lake Cora in Decatur, MI.

Tankful Tuesday went great! 7 arrived/ 6 went out to dive. Brian & Simon came out a little early and did a boat dive just off the launch ramp area.

A few divers went straight out and made it to a max of 57feet with visibility between 5 & 10 feet. Water temperature was 48F at depth and considerably warmer in the shallows of less than 10 feet. Mack stayed shallow metal detecting the Resort Beach next to the launch.

Lots of large fish were seen, some close and personnel when the vis went low and surprisingly no trash and no cans or bottles to be found. Everyone had a good time and all practiced that critical social distancing.

West Public Access – Lake Cora
Boat Launch circle at the DNR launch- Lake Cora
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Tankful Tuesday – 1st

This years weekly dives were switched from Thirsty Thursdays to Tankful Tuesdays and began June 9th. We are getting in a late start this year due to COID concerns.

With that said, this summers First Tankful Tuesday dive went well. And yes there was rain, but we figured we were getting wet anyway, what’s the difference? There were 4 of us out diving tonight Paw Paw Lake at Forest Beach Park located in Watervliet, Mi.

The Water temp was 55 degrees with an average visibility between 5 to 10 feet. And yes, treasures were found 😊

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Ecology Dive – Riverview Park, Niles, Michigan

September 22, 2018:

The 2018 Ecology Dive held at Riverview Park, Niles, Michigan  was a huge success.

It was sponsored by the Michigan U/W Divers (MUD) club and Wolfs Marine.

There were two divers come from Detroit and one from Grand Rapids that joined our Muddies in the event. There were 24 divers,  shore support and a bunch of spectators. The weather was beautiful but a little chilly in the morning until the sun warmed things up in the afternoon.

In fact, with the support and donations the club had this year “every participant” and all shore support individuals was awarded a prize.

Jim Scholz, from Dowagiac, was the grand prize winner for having found the “Most Trash” with 73 countable items, Mary Beth Thar (from Nile’s Mi & MUD Club President) won the “Largest/ Biggest” by hauling in a large rusted sign AND a big tractor trailer tire rim, Skyler Daisy from Hartford, won “Heaviest” by lugging in a very heavy and rusted grate, and last but not least was Darrin Jillison (Buchanan) won the “Most Unusual” with a small cross pendant surrounded by about a hundred or so diamond chips. Here are a couple of pictures of trash removed by the divers.

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August 11: This Years MUD Club Picnic

Well, the Michigan Underwater Divers (MUD) club could not have asked for better picnic weather than we had today! We hope that those who could not make it this year will be at the one next year. But with that said, be aware that we cannot guarantee the great weather we had today. No one kayaked today, but a few hardy souls took to the river and some bottle treasures were found, in spite of the very low visibility, river banks snag hazards, and fast currents.

Steaks & brats on this brill. Chicken and potatoes on the other.

Getting ready to begin the feast.

The pipe is almost covered, the current is strong, but notice Jim’s flag in their honey hole on the opposite side of the river.

Big John getting ready to challenge the river.

Jason getting ready to give his new dry suit a try.

New signage since this year’s flooding.

While some are diving or walking the river side paths, some are just cooling it in the shade.

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Wooden Ships and Iron Men

Copyright 2018 by Don McAlhany

Photo taken by Don McAlhany of the Friends Goodwill (South Haven, MI)

This Memorial Day weekend it was a hazy day off shore and this picture I took of the Friends Good Will reminds me of the days gone by and of wooden ships and iron men.

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Mermaid MegaFest – South Haven, MI

Mermaids from around the area gathered today in South Haven, Michigan during this Memorial Weekend 2018 to participate in the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS official attempt for Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Mermaids. And it was not just for mermaids – mermen and merkids, sailors along with nefarious pirates, will be everywhere! The festival is also dedicated to promoting efforts to preserving our natural freshwater resources and the festival is dedicated to promoting efforts to “Protect our Water Wonderland”! Herer are a few pictures of todays gatherings.

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Fresh Mud Being Updated

Just a note to mention that all our Fresh Mud Post were either lost or corrupted when we changed servers this year. Hopefully we can resolve this problem soon. Mack

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