April 2012

“MUD Club”

 Next Meeting:                    Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Andrews University     Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall    Berrien Springs, Mi

Meeting starts ~ 7:30 p.m.   (Every 3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

General Meeting Information:

Our meetings are informal with the following sequence:  Introduce visitors, Present club Information & general Dive related news, Ask who has other dive related news, Are there any “Show & Tell” items or Do-it-Yourself (DIY) projects, Tale’s of current diving experience and/ or lessons learned, then Open Session.

Last Meeting Highlights:

Dues collection, Handout 2012 Club Phone Booklets, Confirmed Club Steak Fry & Dive is Saturday, August 25 at Gull lake, Discussed updating constitution concerning membership & dues; Identified dive related events in early April that may be of interest, Comments on Wolfs Open house, Present Show & Tell (Bottles), Present DIY (Build your own scuba tanks & regulator and magazine), Discuss dives/ lessons learned, Open session.

April Meeting:

Dues ?, PPL Poison date Middle of April and again 2 weeks after that- Check for postings at boat launches & swim areas; Recent events include LHS Presentations, Kids Day Show; Steel Headers Presentation, Opening Shipwreck Section at Coloma Museum; Ghost Ships Festival, Florida Diving.  Bring a show & tell, a tale of diving, or just attend and go for pizza afterward.  You’ll be glad you did!

Dive Events:

All dive dates & places are listed in the Events Schedule on the club website at http://mudclub.scubaobsessed.com/. To add an activity contact Mack or Darrin and we will fill in the anticipated event or dive, its date, and if known identify the “go to” person for that dive. If you do not have computer access and want a monthly listing let Mack know and he will include it in your copy of the monthly newsletter.

April 21:  MSRA Show in Holland, Mi

April 28-29:  GLWC Meet N Greet 2012 (Gilboa Quarry -Ohio)

May 9:  (Wed) “What Lies Beneath” at the Stevensville Library @ 7:00 pm

June 19:  (Tue) “Treasures beneath PPL” at Coloma Historical Museum @ 7:00pm

August 25:  (Saturday) MUD Club Steak Fry & Dive

September 7-9:  Cheboygan Wreck & River Grubbing Weekend

Dues for a few still in limbo:.

If you are interested in renewing your membership, please settle up at the meeting or make out a check to Ric Kling for $15.00 and send to Ric at 5191 Territorial Road, Benton Harbor, Mi. 49022.

For Sale:

OMS HID light w/ upgraded head with switch on light head. New bulb & batteries. Battery connection w/o clips (screw on) to avoid snag hazards. $340 Call Kirk W @ 422-1790

Divers Corner:

Manage Your Air


Establish how much air you will need to make the dive. You need a continuous circuit of air from your entry until you exit the water, with some left in reserve “just in case.”

Check your pressure gauge. Have your pressure gauge checked for accuracy. If the equipment is not yours, check it against a known tank pressure, and after the check make sure the needle returns to zero.

Monitor your air supply. And check your buddy’s regularly during the dive, so there are no surprises. Air management involves two air supplies, not just one.

Establish when to “call the dive.” Have a pre-determined point at which you or your buddy call the dive due to low air. Once the signal is given, begin your ascent.

Note special circumstances. Use the “Rule of Thirds” with your air consumption, a dependable procedure used by cave- wreck- and under-ice divers.

Use one-third of your air supply to go under, one-third to come up; and keep one-third in reserve. This also helps with ensuring you have enough air if, for example, you’re biding your time in an attempt to surface in the midst of holiday boaters or another “virtual” overhead environment.

Surface with 300-500 psi  as this could help you in a worst-case scenario or for that “just in case” incident.

Its diving season people so let’s get wet and dive safe!!!

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