April 2014

“MUD Club”

Next MeetingTuesday, April 15, 2014

Andrews University, Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall, Berrien Springs, MI

Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.  (Every 3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

April Meeting:

Greet attending members,   Introduce visitors,   Present specific club related information and identify upcoming club events,   Discuss general dive related news,   Present any Show & Tell,   Open the floor for discussion of current diving experiences & lessons learned if any,   Pizza at Roma’s after meeting closure.

Last Meeting Highlights:

We had 15 members at the last meeting, Items of discussion included: Treasures report, dues collection, identified that no Muddies attended the Ghost Ships or Ford Seahorses presentations, discussed the March topic “ Wear your snorkel?, Nice commentary by Mary Beth on “Where does stuff in the Niles river come from” including articles on activities in Niles 100 years ago,  Comments made by attendees about the H2O Dive club, Bon Terre dive Memorial weekend dive opportunity, update on the “South West Michigan Underwater Preserve” (SWMUP) membership drive and permits  in progress,  the exhibit at the Michigan Maritime Museum, and the Mackinaw City shipwreck museum.  

Confirmed the following club activities so put them on your calendar.  We miss you when you are not there for the fun.

August 16:  “MUD Club Annual Steak fry & Dive” ; Saturday, August 16, River Front Park Niles

August 30September 5Mackinaw Wreck Diving Week

September 5-7 Cheboygan Wreck, Grubbing and River Diving” – Base at the “Birch Haus” motel.

November 29 Turkey Dive” – Fisherman’s Park, Benton Harbor, MI.

December 31New Year’s Gathering & Dive” – Niles, MI.

If you have not already done so, PLEASE verify we have your correct email address by just hitting “reply” on your news email. Do we have your correct phone number and address? You can insure we do by sending those to ScubaObsessedMC@aol.com.


As always, Club members can purchase Club Hats, Decals & Club T-shirts and pick them up at the club meetings but you must first drop a line to identify item, size,   quantity wanted and which meeting date you will be at.  Hats & Decals available only for club members.

2014 Dive Schedule  

Annual Ann Arbor #5 Dive; Muskegon & Outside Breakwater Michigan city, Ind.; Rockaway – South Haven; Verona; Crane & Barge; Havana; Mack’s Wreck; Ironsides; GLWC Meet N Greet 2014 Gilboa Quarry – Ohio; Magician Lake (Sister Lakes); Dive Lake Cora; Paw Paw Lake – Watervliet; Saint Joseph – South Pier Dive; Drift Dive- St. Joseph River Niles; SASS Wednesday Evening Dives; Saint Clair River; Blue River Bridge; ….!

Safety Tip of the Year:   CHEST-COMPRESSION-ONLY CPR       

The correct response to a witnessed cardiac arrest is to:

CHECK for responsiveness (shake and shout).

IF NO RESPONSE, CALL for help (“911”) or demand someone else to call.

COMPRESS: Begin uninterrupted forceful continuous chest compressions

(Call for an AED if one is nearby and available)

Don’t check for pulse – Don’t clear the airway – Don’t perform mouth to mouth

Compress at a rate of 100 compressions per minute (BPM).  Gasping is a sound ofcardiac arrest SO DO NOT stop COMPRESSIONS.  Remember to remove hand from chest contact with every compression to allow for chest rebound.

NOT for infants or small children or drowning victims – for them use traditional CPR

For unresponsiveness in young children (age 8 or under), drowning cases, or drug overdoses, follow conventional CPR guidelines (30 chest compressions followed by two mouth-to-mouth ventilations). This is because in infants or children, respiratory arrest is more common than primary cardiac arrest. However, even in these cases, Chest-Compression-Only CPR is better than doing nothing.

Survival of out of hospital cardiac arrest with Traditional CPR is only 14% effective whereas Chest Compression Only is 23% effective.

It is simpler and less intimidating, every minute delayed drops survival rate 10% and You  do not have to be certified to perform this technique.  The Good Samaritan law protects bystanders and their actions when they decide to help someone in an emergency. Chest-Compression-Only CPR and conventional CPR are both covered under the Good Samaritan Law. It does not matter whether you are certified or not.        http://heart.arizona.edu/cpr-video    &   www.azshare.gov

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