April 2019

MUD Club

Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Andrews University, Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall,
Berrien Springs, MI

Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.
(3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

April Meeting:

Normal Meeting sequence is as follows:

  1. Introduce Visitors.
  2. Present Specific Club Information
  3. Identify dive events upcoming or planned. (Dives & Road Trips) 

Spring Pool Party – Just Add H2O on April 20, 5:00 / 8:00 pm – Contact on FB – RSVP

Wolf’s “Discover SCUBA” – April 27 @ St. Joseph HS (9:00-12:00). The pool will be available to certified dives during this time to do gear checks and get wet in warm, clear water.  $5 donation to participate. Moneys collected go to the SWMPU.

Wolf’s: Basic First Aid, AED Operation, CPR, O2 Provider – April 27 (at the dive shop) Call for details.

U.S. Coast Guard Station, St. Joseph, Open House – May 18, 2019 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

South Haven “Mega Mermaid Fest” June 14-16: Need volunteers – Pier safety

4. Identify & discuss diving-related news important to divers.
Status of SWMUP Buoy Project
5. Present any Show & Tell.
6. Attendees speak about current diving experiences or lessons learned.
7. Open session.

March Meeting Highlights:

There were 19 members at the meeting. Items discussed or reviewed included:

The meeting started off with greeting Marie Daisy and congratulating her on completing her 1st dive since her accident last September. Asked for volunteers to man a club table at the upcoming Sportsman Banquet, comments on Wolf’s Open house & great equipment sales, feedback on the “Great Lakes Shipwrecks” programs from attendees, update by Kevin Ailes on the “SWMUP Buoy Project” and the clubs vote to donate $1,000 to the buoy project specifically to buoy the Havana. Kevin closed the meeting with a “Question & Answer Quiz” concerning wrecks in the SWMUP. Prizes of diver/diving books were awarded for correct answers. Many went to AJ’s after the meeting (Taco Tuesday night).  

2019 Diver Related Events:

For those looking for a dive or dive buddy, keep checking in and updating the MUD Club Facebook site for “Thrill of the Chill” dives. Also check “SASS Wednesday Night Dive Club” or Hart City Scuba’s “Hump Day Dive Schedule” also on Facebook. There is NO reason not to be getting wet and having a buddy diver.

Mack is interested in doing a Silver Beach/ Tiscornia Beach clean up in late April or Early May. Members would take a before and after picture and itemize items recovered and disposed of. Is there any interest in doing this?

Check out these dive shops and their web sites that Muddy Divers use:
Wolf’s Marine Dive Shop, Benton Harbor, MI
Sub Aquatic Sports & Service, Battle Creek, MI
Divers Inc., Ann Arbor, MI
Hart City Scuba, Elkhart, IN
Just Add H2O, South Bend, IN [Michiana Divers]
Altek Sports – West Michigan Adaptive Diving, Zeeland, MI

Divers Corner:    Diver Safety Message

With the start of the season upon us, PADI has worked together with other members of the British Diving Safety Group (BDSG), to produce top tips for divers to follow before they embark on their first dives of the season.
You are encouraged to follow these top tips to ensure they enjoy the start of the diving season safely.
Simple steps like checking your dive gear is in working order after a winter in the garage and practicing in a pool or in shallow water before the first dive of the season can help ensure your safety.’

The top tips are:

  1. Have your dive gear serviced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Check that all your dive gear is in working order, check suit seals and rubber straps for deterioration, zips and SMB reels.
  3. Practice your skills in a pool/shallow site before the first dive of the season.
  4. Plan some work up dives to ease yourself back into the water especially if you have not dived since last year.
  5. Be realistic about your fitness levels before commencing the season.
  6. Don’t let complacency creep in.
  7. Have a dive plan and undertake a thorough buddy check before each dive.
  8. Do not underestimate the risks; accidents do happen to people like you. 


How You would respond to these issues? Are You prepared?
Do you have a pre-planned response? If Not, why not?

To a diver not returning to the surface as planned?
Wondering where the rebreather diver(s) is (are)?
A diver surfaced and mention’s they just do not feel good?


ANYONE can call off a dive at any time. It is always OK to say “No”

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