August 2012

“MUD Club”

 Next Meeting:                    Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Andrews University     Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall  Berrien Springs, Mi

Meeting starts ~ 7:30 p.m.          (Every 3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

August Meeting:

Agenda: Introduce & Welcome any Visitors & Discuss Club Events planned:

1: Club Picnic this Saturday (August 25th) at Gull Lake in Ross Township.

The first thing we need is a head count of those coming. If you can’t be at this month’s meeting please send an email or call Mack (429-5527) if you are going so we have a count by Friday.   Remember there is a fee to get in ($5.00?) and the local police “DO” verify those present have paid the fee.  This is a “bring your own” service and a plate to pass, the club provides the steak & chicken.

We need the following:

a. Establish the start time for firing up the grill & begin cooking J  Come early if you want to dive before we eat and then dive again after we eat.

b. We need the first person at the park to corral at least one picnic table for the food and stake out an area for us.  Under the roof if possible.

c. Identify a volunteer to buy and bring the steak & chicken (to be reimbursed).

d. Identify volunteer’s to bring a gas powered grill or two (as a backup or use one for the chicken).

e. Identify a volunteer to buy & bring Ice chest with pop (to be reimbursed) or determine if    everyone brings their own?

f. For You to attend – Pack for rain but hope for Sunshine!

2: Cheboygan (Treasure & Wreck& Grubbing) weekend (September 7 thru 9)

It would be nice to have a firm headcount at this month’s meeting. Everyone going will be responsible for booking their own rooms.   Last year we stayed at the Birch Haus Motel” located at 1301 Mackinaw Ave, Cheboygan, (Room w1 bed is $45+ tax, Room w 2 beds $50 + tax) (verify & contact at

Anticipate the gathering at Turner Park (North Huron Street) which worked out pretty well last year with the boat launch being close. Looking forward to diving the local rubble wrecks, grubbing in Duncan Bay and the river.

We typically meet for breakfast at the “Carnation” restaurant on Main Street at 8:00 AM then it’s off to dive and supper is downtown Mackinaw City usually at a buffet place.

Depending on your availability (location where you’re diving at) we can schedule a time for lunch. This is especially important for our shore support personnel to know for planning purposes.

Air & Nitrox  is available in Cheboygan at the Northern Michigan Dive Center next to the State Street Bridge (107 W State St) 231-597-8460

Agenda Item 3 /7 

Did anyone bring a “Show & Tell” or any news of Do-it-Yourself (DIY) projects?

Does anyone have tales of dives or lessons learned since last meeting?

This Month’s Equipment topic (pony slings/side mounts) and lastly an Open Session to talk about most anything else you’d like to talk about.

After the meeting plan on gathering at Roma’s to continue tales and plans for diving. J


Congratulations to Jeremy Smiedendorf (Wolfs) who was married August 11 and is moving to the Ann Arbor area.

New club hats are available- call Mack to reserve one & I will bring it to the meeting. They are $10.00 each. (   Black,   White and  …Khaki remaining)

Last Meeting Highlights:

15 attendees, several hats sold, excellent equipment topic  on “Backpacks DIY”, recent dives included: Ship Wreck in N.J., Lake Michigan: & wrecks Havana, Fire Boat, clay banks, Quarry in Dowagiac, PPL, and the Saint Joseph River running thru Niles & BEH, Press release by SWMUP.  Wolf’s new assistant in the dive shop is Richard Meister.

Fresh MUD & Events Calendar Updates:

Please email me info about your dives and any dive related happenings so I can update the site. Pictures Appreciated!

                                          It’s NOT going to get any warmer people so let’s get wet!!!

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