North Pier – Tiscornia Park, Saint Joseph

River meets Lake

North Pier - Saint Joseph - Tiscornia Beach access

North Pier

To access the North Pier for diving , you can park at “Tiscornia Beach park”  – Auto tellers – Cost $5.00  –  Provides easy access to the pier.

If you are diving,  do not  interfer with those fishing on the pier. I walk down the line and let them know where I will be and my intentions and if there are any problems with that.  Remember they were there first and it is against the law to harass those fishing.  Towing a dive flag is required.

Depending on the river current and wave actio,n there can be strong rip currents anywhere near the north end and along the pier wall.  There can be a strong rip cuurerent in various location along the pier and outside the rip rap  by the sand.