Dive the Havana

IMG_2026 (2)

Two little boats on a very large lake – Wreck of the Havana

It was a great day for a wreck dive with blue skies and a gentle swell. Two full boats left the DNR dock in Benton Harbor, up the Saint Joseph river, out between the Saint Joseph piers and then due North 5 miles to the wreck site.

Depth was measured at 51 feet with visibility reported to have been any where between 10 and 15 feet before  additional bottom dweller’s arrived. The bottom temperature was a moderate 49°F but since all the divers were  wearing dry suits it really did not matter. It was reported that much more of the wreck is uncovered this year and there are wreck sections you can actually go underneath. The anchor chain has not yet been relocated and the sub-surface buoy is missing.

After the wreck dive several divers  made a second dive around the Benton Harbor water intake structure before returning to the DNR docks.

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