Enjoying a river dive

MB Surfacing

Mary Beth Surfacing with her treasures

Sunday high noon dive in the Saint Joseph River along the shore line upstream of Marmont street launch.

The rainy morning changed into a very nice mostly sunny dive day. The water is definitely getting cooler and it’s time for non-leaking gloves and a tight hood.  The current appears to be increasing again and the leaves are beginning to accumulate on the bottom obscuring bottles and other goodies.

Today the fishermen were all downstream and our flags along the banks were not an issue. In talking to a few of them at the launch, a few steelheads had been caught this morning and they mentioned seeing a number of large lampreys eels with a two footer pulled in with a fish earlier.  Several turtles seen, one rather large one seemed to like where I was grubbing and we had a brief river stick duel over the territory in question. It ended in a draw, he went his way and I the other.

A number of bottles, jars, and miscellaneous was removed for sorting & further inspection on the surface. Go to the “Treasures” section to see today’s finds.

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