February 2014

“MUD Club”

Next MeetingTuesday, February 18, 2014

Andrews University, Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall, Berrien Springs, MI

Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.  (Every 3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

February Meeting:

Introduce visitors,   Present club Information & General Dive related news,   Identify dive related events in 2014,   Present any Show & Tell,   Discuss current diving experiences & lessons learned if any,   Open session

Annual Dues of $15 are due:  Please see Ric Kling and pay before the meeting begins or afterward so we do not disturb the meeting in progress. You may also send him a check made out to Ric Kling and note on the check it’s for 2014 Mud Dues.

We need to verify & update our member information so PLEASE verify your correct email address, phone number, and current address by sending those via email to ScubaObsessedMC@aol.com.  

If you are a diver but not a MUD club member and would like to be contacted for open dive events (ice dive, drift dive) you are welcome to send me the same information.

Last Meeting Highlights:

There were 12 in attendance at the January meeting in spite of the weather, the treasures report was presented and we are solvent, 2014 dues were collected and some updates to the “2014 Calendar” were made. Discussion on some of the upcoming diver related events were made and car pool plans were made for attending “Our World Underwater” on Feb 15th.  Jake T showed off a sample of his wooden tank racks, Jim S talked about his dive with Dave F in Florida on some sunken military tanks, and Mary Beth presented information on Buoyancy Compensator Care. No update on ROV committee plans, comments on SWMUP activities and a novel way they intend to increase participation and membership in that organization.

We want to CONFIRM the following dates at the next meeting.

August 16: MUD Club Steak Fry, Kayak &/or Drift Dive – Niles, Mi

August 31- Sept 5: Muddies Wreck Diving Mackinaw & Cheboygan

Sept 5-7: Cheboygan Weekend – Duncan Bay & Cheboygan River Diving

Nov 29   : Saturday – Turkey Dive, 12:00 in Benton Harbor, “Fisherman’s Park”

Dec 31    : New Year Gathering & Dive  


As always, Club Hats, Decals & Club T-shirts can be purchased at the club meeting but first drop a line to ScubaObsessedMC@aol.com and identify item, size & quantity wanted and the meeting you will be at.  Hats & Decals available only for club members.

As a reminder the 2014 Club Officers are:

Mary Beth Thar (President)           Richard Curtis (V.P.)        Ric Kling (Treasurer)

(269-684-6667)                          (269-782-9282)                  (269-944-5026)

2014 Dive Schedule   (Lets start filling in the blanks)

Feb 22:  GL Lakes Shipwreck Festival, Washtenaw Community College’s Ann Arbor.

March 15: Scuba Fest, Columbus, Ohio

March 14-16: 15th Annual Ghost Ships Festival, Milwaukee, WI

To Be Determined:  Annual Ann Arbor #5 Dive; Muskegon & Outside Breakwater Michigan city, Ind.; Rockaway – South Haven; Verona; Crane & Barge; Havana; Mack’s Wreck; Ironsides; GLWC Meet N Greet 2014 Gilboa Quarry –Ohio; Magician Lake (Sister Lakes); Dive Lake Cora; Paw Paw Lake – Watervliet; Saint Joseph – South Pier Dive; Drift Dive- St. Joseph River Niles; SASS Wednesday Evening Dives; Saint Clair River; Blue River Bridge; ….!


If we can get 6 confirmed people to participate we will have an Ice Dive in early March. You do not have to be a diver to provide surface support. Snowmobile assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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