February 2008

MUD Club

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Andrews University, Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall, Berrien Springs, MI

Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.

(3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

Highlights of last meeting:

At last month’s meeting:

  • We began to identify & confirm dates for major MUD 2008 diving events
  • Collected dues from members present
  • Discussed revising club member application form, adding a liability waiver and Diver Emergency Information form.
  • A committee was established to review the suggested forms prior to the February meeting.

For Dues:

You may pay at the meeting or mail your dues to our treasurer Ric Kling (5191 Territorial Road, Benton Harbor, MI 49022).
Make the checks out to Ric Kling and note in the bottom left of your check it is for 2008 MUD Dues.

February Meeting:

  • Collection of outstanding dues as applicable
  • Update the 2008 dive schedule
  • Review the proposed new club member application, liability waiver, and Diver Emergency Information form (copies to be available at the meeting).
  • Talking about past dives and plan future ones
  • “Show & Tell” (if you bring something)
  • Anything members want to talk about or discuss
  • Roma’s Afterward!

MUD Diving Calendar 2008:

  • March 22: Diamond Lake w/ boat (ice permitting) – Re: Bob S
  • April 19: TBD
  • May 17: TBD
  • April  25 – 27: Gilboa Quarry – Meet & Greet Weekend
  • May 24: Memorial Weekend – Havana Buoy Day
  • June  14 -15: Port Huron (Fast Current & Wrecks)
  • July 19: Club Steak Fry & Dive – Ross Lake
  • August 16-23: Straits of Mackinaw – Wreck Dive Week
  • September 12-14: Cheboygan (Treasure & Wrecks)
  • October 25: TBD
  • November 22: Turkey Dive (St. Joseph River)
  • December 31: New Year Gathering & Dive

Pickup dives to be for: the Ironsides, Car Ferry #5, Niles River, Dayton Lake

Divers Corner:

Wolf’s Diver Supply:

Basic Scuba Classes 

February 23 – March 1
March 29 – April 5th
Cost:  $249

Rescue Class

Jan 26/ Feb 2 –  Cost: $190 w/ book

Call 269- 926-1068 for additional info

Ford Sea Horse film Festval Scheduled for April 19

A Penny for Your Thoughts:

Gear Configuration, the Hogarthian Way

While surfing Scubaboard.com I came across an article called  “Gear Configuration, the Hogarthian Way.”  Since I had no clue to what that was I had to find out so here is a readers digest version of the article.  (A copy of the article and credits is available at the meeting)

A frequently mentioned topic in technical diving journals is a gear configuration concept called the Hogarthian style.  The Hogarthian style is favoured by many U.S. cave and technical divers. It is named after William Hogarth Main, a cave diver for more than twenty years, who introduced its principles to many divers in the 60’s and 7O’s. You may find the system and its philosophy to be extremely thought provoking.

 The Hogarthian style assumes:

The best possible gear, maintained in perfect order.

A diver who is highly skilled, and physically fit.

A buddy who is similarly fit, skilled and equipped.

 In addition to the above, Hogarthism follows these principles:

  • Gear should be a cohesive unit, and not a haphazard collection of parts.
  • Think about what you are doing with your gear, and ensure that you are not trying to solve problems that will not occur.
  • Make sure that, in solving a problem you do not create other problems.
  • Less is best. Less gear means less clutter, more streamlined, more comfort, therefore safer.
  • What is not needed should not be carried. REDUCE, REDUCE, REDUCE.

Hogarthianism relies on simplicity and skill, rather than complexity and additional equipment.  Have nothing dangling. All accessories, hoses, etc. are tucked away.

Hogarthians advocate one long hosed and one short hosed regulator. The long hose is retained in the mouth, and the short hose is on a neck strap under the chin. In an air emergency, the long hose is given up, and the diver switches to the regulator under his chin.

Gauges are worn on the wrist. Combo gauges are considered to be too cumbersome. Only the HP gauge without a boot is retained, and it is clipped off close to the body.

Hose protectors, valve protectors and combo gauge protector cages are unnecessary with skilled gear management and stowage. Also they add to entanglement problems i.e. they create other problems while “solving” problems that should not exist. If you constantly bash your gear about while diving, the solution is to improve your technique.

Butt-mounted batteries are frowned upon, on the grounds that they create numerous problems in an unsuccessful attempt to increase streamlining. e.g. entanglement point, potential damage gearing up and ungearing.

Twin manifolded cylinders are favoured over twin independent. Hogarthians claim twin independent is a system developed to overcome potential manifold failure which seldom if ever occurs. In solving what is seen as a “non-problem”, they add complexity of air management. They do concede that twin independent is a superior system when solo diving.

Divers should not have to carry more than three torches. If a diver finds that due to failure, three is not enough, the diver should evaluate the quality of his torches, or seriously evaluate how he maintains them!

All hoses are custom made to the correct length to avoid entanglement and all redundant “D” rings, clips etc. are removed.

Whether or not you become a pure Hogarthian in your gear configuration, I believe there is much to consider in the principles and attitudes I have described, and any honest analysis of your gear and how it might be improved must enhance safety.

Outspoken Hogarthian, George Irvine, in an article aggressively entitled “Do it Right, or Don’t do it!” says, “If it’s not clean and simple, it’s not hogarthian. If it’s not hogarthian, it’s not right.”

Whether or not you agree with all of the Hogarthian principles, I am sure all will concede that there are several points worthy of consideration:

It is common for …divers to add gear in a haphazard manner.  Therefore:

Clutter will inevitably compromise safety rather than enhance it.

With good technique, protective accessories SHOULD be unnecessary.

An essential part of the safety equation is diver skill.

Problems with gear failure should be all but eliminated if your gear is the best available.

 We have been having excellent member participation at the monthly meetings lately and we hope to see YOU all at this months meeting!

 “Plan today for tomorrow’s Diving”


MUD Club  – Next Meeting:    Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Andrews University  Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall

Berrien Springs, MI    Meeting starts ~ 7:30 p.m.

(Every 3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

MUD Member Highlights of 2007:

Wrecks dove: Ironsides, Eberward Ward, Cedarville, Havana, Rockaway, Ann Arbor No. #5 (160’), St. Andrew, Albemarle, Brig Henry Clay, J.H.Outhwaite, Islander, Leviathan, Genesse Chief; Crane & Barge (Holland), Tremble, Ben Hur.

Quarries Gilboa, Blue Springs.

Club Trips/ Events: Night Dive (Shafer Lake); Club Steak Fry (Gull Lake); Port Huron (fast current dive); Cheyboygan (Grubbing & wrecks), Turkey Dive (St. Joseph River); New Years Dive (Pipestone Lake).

Popular Dive Sites: Lake 16; St. Joseph Piers, Cora.

Other events: MUD Bylaws updated; Diamond Divers Scuba Club dissolved; MUD Elections held & club finances (still in the Black); Nitrox certification course completed by some members; “DAN” (Divers Alert Network); Treasures (show & tell); Havana buoyed, Discussion on Salvage & Antiquities laws, Charter member Carl Harris (Retiring Berrien Township -Planning Commission Chairman) Honored(HP News).

Things that can Hurt Diving: Senate Bill 629 (no jumping off piers)

January Meeting:

  • Talking about past club dives and plan future ones
  • Possible “Show & Tell”
  • Anything members want to talk about or discuss.

Dues: It is that time again so please pay at the meeting or mail your dues to our treasurer Ric Kling (5191 Territorial Road, Benton Harbor, MI 49022).  Make the checks out to Ric Kling and note in the bottom left of your check it is for 2008 MUD Dues.

Diver Calendar completion: Identify/ confirm dates for major MUD 2008 diving events.  Please think about the events and which ones you will come to and add your suggestions and dates for a dive or trip that you are willing to be the contact/ lead on.
The bigger the turn out, the greater the fun!

MUD Diving Calendar 2008:

  • February 23: TBD
  • March 22: TBD
  • April 19: TBD
  • May 24: Gilboa Quarry
  • June 21-22: Port Huron (Fast Current & Wrecks)
  • July 19: Night Dive 
  • August 23: Club Steak Fry & Dive
  • September 12-14: Cheboygan (Treasure & Wrecks)
  • October 25: TBD
  • November 22: Turkey Dive (St. Joseph River)
  • December 31: New Year Gathering & Dive

Divers Corner:

Continue to monitor the status of Senate Bill 629 sponsored by representative Senator Jelinek. senrjelinek@senate.michigan.gov

New challenging dive for 2008: Hennepin (in 230’) off South Haven

2008 Club Officers are:

  • Don McAlhany -President   269.249.5527
  • Larry Steelman – Vice President   269.684.4584
  • Ric Kling – Treasurer   269.944.5026

We have been having excellent member participation  during last year’s winter meetings and hope to see YOU all at this months meeting!

“Plan today for tomorrow’s Diving”

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