February 2016

MUD Club

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Andrews University, Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall

Berrien Springs, MI

Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.

(Every 3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

February Meeting:

Normal Meeting sequence is as follows:

  1. Introduce Visitors.
  2. Present Specific Club Information

Dues are due – Please Update your contact info -Club Member Only Phone Book

  1. Identify dive events upcoming or planned. (Dives & Road Trips)

Saturday Feb 20 – Great Lakes Shipwrecks

Saturday Feb 27 – OWU

  1. Identify & discuss diving related news important to divers.
  2. Present any Show & Tell.
  3. Attendees speak about current diving experiences or lessons learned.
  4. Open session.

Last Meeting Highlights:

There were 8 members present and one visitor who intends to join. There was no show and tell. Discussed phone directory and the decision that needs to be made regarding who is in the directory. Is it everyone or just members? Discussed that dues need to be paid in order to be included in the phone directory. Projected date for directory is March meeting.

Marybeth did a short presentation about the techniques used for cleaning bottles – inside and out and passed out handouts that included dating bottles from the November meeting.

Talked about, aka had heated discussion. On the topic addressed in the Jan newsletter about how much time you had left to get to the surface if you have a free flowing regulator,  low pressure hose, or  high pressure hose malfunction.   Everyone initially argued that the time for a leaking /cut on a high pressure hose would not be 23 minutes but much less.  Marybeth referenced the reducer in the 1st stage regulator would prevent fast air escape from the HP hose. The discussion was interesting and most members said they agreed but were going to research it. It was a good discussion and made people think. We also discussed the best way to react to stuck open valves when inflating  your BC or Dry suit.

Richard shared how his instructors blew up his dry suit on the surface at the quarry without any warning. Richard said, “You do not want that to happen.

When we went to Roma’s were greeted at the door and told that the winter hours are now in effect and they will be closing at 9 pm starting the following night. She suggested we come earlier. Jake told her we could not come earlier.  My guess is winter hours were already in effect but they knew we were coming and stayed open. They had rearranged the tables to accommodate a large group and there were no other customers. We may have to eat somewhere else after next month’s meeting so be prepared for a change.

2016 Dive Listing:

 February 13: Thrill of the Chill – Lake 16 Ice dive.

February 20: The Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival – Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI.

February 26-28: Our World Underwater – Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL.

March 18-19: Ghost Ships Festival – Crowne Plaza Milwaukee Airport Hotel, Milwaukee, WI.

Organize a dive and paste it on the Facebook MUD club site.

Thrill of the Chill:

The ice has been building and last Sunday (Feb 7) we had 5” of good ice on Lake 16 for last week’s dive. Even with that thickness we had significant sag after divers exited the hole after the dive. So remember to spread out and keep the congestion around the hole to only those working the diver.

Also remember that the Club changing shed and heater are available for pickup with prior arrangement.

Come on down and join the fun. We greatly appreciate “everyone” who comes and provides support for the activity. Ice dives are equipment, setup and breakdown labor intensive and “many hands make light work”.  The gathering afterward for food and diving discussions are almost as much fun J

Check out these dive shops that Muddy Divers use:

Wolf’s Marine Dive Shop , Benton Harbor, MI (http://www.wolfsmarine.com/DiveShop.aspx)

Sub Aquatic Sports & Service , Battle Creek, MI (http://www.sassdive.com)

Divers Inc. , Ann Arbor, MI (http://www.diversinc.com)

iDiveMi. , Cheboygan, MI (http://www.idivemi.com/northern-michigan-dive-center)

Hart City Scuba , Elkhart, IN (http://www.hartcityscuba.com)

Just Add H2O , South Bend, IN [Michiana Divers] (http://www.justaddh2o.us.com)

Altek Sports West Michigan Adaptive Diving , Zeeland, MI (http://www.alteksports.com/)

Ice Safety:    5 inches of solid ice for ice diving but recommend thicker for larger groups


Have you thought lately on how you would respond to an underwater emergency?

 When in doubt, DON’T – Be safe out there!

Divers Corner:

 In reference to last month’s discussion on how long a full 80 cu/ft tank would last with freeflow, LP or HP pressure hose burst .  Notice the diameter difference in the orfice feeding the  HP flow path which restricts its flow and the size of the pathway to the LP port with  minimal restriction..

LP vs HP Ports

LP vs HP Ports

ICE Diving TIPS:  For those expecting to participate in ice dives, make sure you’re BC and dry suit inflator buttons are not sticking and their hose connectors are clean and dry. Double check to make sure you have a cold weather regulator and the purge button is not sticking. Keep the regulator warm and dry until ready to use. Don’t breathe from or purge your second stage if you’re not underwater and set your second stage breathing resistance to min. Expose all metal parts of your regulator to the water by removing hose protectors and slowly inflate your BCD when needed

Having a jug of hot water is useful to thaw frozen zippers, hose connections and even regulators. Pre warming your gloves (not dry gloves) and hood in warm water should be considered.

Bring a tarp to lay out your assembled gear prior to diving to keep it out of the snow and from direct contact with the ice. Having a folding chair to sit in and a thick board to rest your feet off the ice is worth carrying out to the site. When tending, having and using ice cleats is encouraged as well as having a pair of dry, waterproof and warm gloves for when you tend lines. To avoid many, many trips carrying dive gear bring a sled with high walls and tie downs is very helpful.

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