2017 Ghost Ships Festival, Milwaukee, WI

March 11: For the third weekend in a row, Muddies were on the road again, this time traveling to the 18th “Annual Ghost Ships Festival”being held at the Crowne Plaza, Milwaukee Airport Hotel, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The purpose of today’s trip was to complete the last leg of the winter tri-state trifecta of underwater diving events, shows, and seminars. The first two being “Our World Underwater” held in Chicago and the 36th “Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival” which was held in Ann Arbor just a little ways from Detroit.

Ghost Ships presentations started Friday evening, beginning with a feature presentation on the “Edmund Fitzgerald Investigations,” and on Saturday the exhibit hall opened at 8:00 AM with the presentations beginning at 9:00.

Here are a few photos that should give you a feel of what was available at the event.

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