If the water is not “hard”

1 dry suit and 3 wetsuit

1 dry suit and 3 wetsuits

If the water is not “hard” (ie: not yet frozen) diving is still easy. The St. Joseph River is a “gold” mine of junk and potential “Treasures”. The best time of year to dive the river is right NOW – in the winter months. This is because there is much less boat traffic, run off is at a minimum and visibility is better. So get out there and dive! Remember that the club has a portable warming/changing booth (2 person ice fishing shed) and propane heater available to the hearty ones (especially wet suit divers) if they have a means to transport. Details: Prep dive for the New Year’s Night Dive. 4 divers down, by the water tower. Visibility was a max 3 feet, but the water temp was up to 39F.  Spring is almost here! 🙂

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