July 2012

MUD Club” 

Next Meeting:                    Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Andrews University  –  Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall   – Berrien Springs, Mi

Meeting starts ~ 7:30 p.m.

                                  (Every 3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

Last Meeting Highlights:

Club Information: 11 members and No visitors present, Treasure’s Report and Equipment Topic was “Lift Bags”

 July Meeting:

Introduce visitors, Present club Information & general Dive related news, Identify dive related events in July/ August that may be planned, Present any Show & Tell, Discuss any planned or finished DIY, Discuss current diving experiences & lessons learned if any, Open session, Roma’s in Berrien Springs after meeting.

Obtain head count for August 25:  (Sat) MUD Club Steak Fry & Dive

Tonight’s equipment topic is “Backpacks DIY”

Recent dives include: The big lake & wrecks (Havana & Muskegon), Mich City Breakwater, PPL, and the Saint Joseph river running thru Niles.

Wolf’s new assistant in the dive shop is Richard Meister (Hartford) so drop in and say Hi! and say Goodbye & Congratulations to Jeremy Smiedendorf who will be getting married & leaving Wolf’s in August then moving to the Ann Arbor area.

****New MUD Club Hats **** are available at this month’s meeting. We have a limited number and they are selling for $10.00 each. (8 Black, 2 White and 3 Kaki remaining)

Already Reserved: Richard C – 1 White; Paul W – 1 White; Bob S – 1 Black; Mack -1Black & 1 Khaki


Fresh MUD & Events Calendar Updates:

Please email me info about your dives and any dive related happenings so I can update the site. Pictures Appreciated! http://mudclub.scubaobsessed.com/.

August 25:  (Sat) MUD Club Steak Fry & Dive – Ross Township –Gull Lake

September 7-9:  Cheboygan Wreck & River Grubbing Weekend

For Sale:

OMS HID light w/ upgraded head with switch on light head. New bulb & batteries. Battery connection w/o clips (screw on) to avoid snag hazards. $340 Call Kirk W @ 422-1790

10 cu ft AL bottle $75 contact Jim Scholz and for a remaining 63 cu ft AL Contact Bob Sweeney


Divers Corner:


5 Easy Navigation Tips

  1. Get Briefed. Good underwater navigation starts before you even get in the water. If you and your buddy are diving independently, get a thorough site description–and a map, if possible–from a local dive shop or other divers at the site. If you’re on a chartered dive boat, pay close attention to the divemaster’s briefing. He or she can impart valuable information about the site’s features, depth range and currents so you and your buddy can create a dive plan. Discuss your profile and the time or air pressure at which you’ll turn around, and decide on a basic route.

    2. Follow the Leader. One diver should take the lead before you even get in the water. It isn’t practical for both divers in a buddy pair to attempt to navigate on a dive. If you’re leading, concentrate on the planned path. Your buddy should monitor time, depth and distance.

    3. Start at the Beginning. If diving from a boat, enter the water and either surface swim to the mooring or anchor line and descend there, or drop down behind the boat and swim underwater to the mooring or anchor. Always start your dive at the point where the boat connects to the bottom. When diving from the beach, surface swim past the waves to where you plan to make your descent.

    4. Make a Note. Whether diving from the beach or the boat, natural navigation starts as soon as your head goes under the water. Note natural references like sand patches, rock formations, pillar corals or brain corals or whatever,” If you make mental notes of features you can remember, you can use those physical markers to find your way back.

    5. Time the Dive. Swim away from your starting point for a predetermined length of time, and then turn around and swim roughly the same length of time back the opposite direction. If there’s current, head into it on the way out–in this case, the return trip won’t take quite as long. Watch your air consumption as well. It’s a good idea to follow the rule of thirds: Use one-third of your air on the way out, one-third on the way back and leave one-third for exploring near the boat and making a safety stop. http://www.scubadiving.com/article/other/5-easy-navigation-tips



Its diving season people so let’s get wet and dive safe!!!

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