July 2016

MUD Club

Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Andrews University

Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall

Berrien Springs, MI

Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.

3rd Tuesday of every month except December

July Meeting:

Normal Meeting sequence is as follows:

  1. Introduce Visitors.
  2. Present Specific Club Information:
  3. Identify dive events upcoming or planned. (Dives & Road Trips)

Club Steak Fry and Dive / Kayak August 20

  1. Identify & discuss diving related news important to divers.
  2. Present any Show & Tell.
  3. Attendees speak about current diving experiences or lessons learned.
  4. Open session.

Last Meeting Highlights:

 There were 20 in attendance at last month’s meeting;  a 2016 club photo directory is available to those current members who email Don McAlhany and ask for a copy; “Thirsty Thursday” dives are continuing with attendance varying considerably with the destination, Muddies were reminded to check out “Sass Wednesday” dives also; the Club Steak Fry and Dive / Kayak has been scheduled for August 20 in Niles;  Kevin Ailes spoke about his dive on the South Haven water intake;  the club now has recall flags (Papa Flag) for a boat or shore dive available;  The Cheboygan Wreck Dive week will be from August 27 thru September 6 with base at the Burch Haus Motel in Cheboygan; Mary Beth brought in a Cod bottle for show and tell and then continued with a Q&A secession with “prizes” on Bell Jars and their colors; discussed the cost of ordering new hats, hooded sweat shirts and jackets. Cost will include obtaining a new digitized embroidery of the club logo and depends upon the number of items ordered – status pending.

 2016 Dive Listing:

 Organize a dive and paste it on the Facebook MUD club site.

Thirsty Thursdays:

Come on down and join the fun on “Thirsty Thursdays”. All divers greatly appreciate “everyone” who comes and provides support for the activity.  Dives can be labor intensive and “many hands make light work”.  The gathering afterward for food and diving discussions are just about as much fun as the dive itself. J

Check out these dive shops that Muddy Divers use:

Wolf’s Marine Dive Shop , Benton Harbor, MI (http://www.wolfsmarine.com/DiveShop.aspx)

Sub Aquatic Sports & Service , Battle Creek, MI (http://www.sassdive.com)

Divers Inc. , Ann Arbor, MI (http://www.diversinc.com)

iDiveMi., Cheboygan, MI (http://www.idivemi.com/northern-michigan-dive-center)

Hart City Scuba , Elkhart, IN (http://www.hartcityscuba.com)

Just Add H2O , South Bend, IN [Michiana Divers] (http://www.justaddh2o.us.com)

Altek Sports West Michigan Adaptive Diving , Zeeland, MI (http://www.alteksports.com/)


Did You think about and practice how You would respond to an underwater emergency of another diver?   Do You really even think about it?

Divers Corner:  

Buoyancy Control:

With the regulator in the mouth, release all the air from your BCD. You should be weight such that you are at eye level with the water. As you breathe in and out, you should go up and down in the water. Remember when the dive is finished the tank is usually empty (~500 psi) and a typical aluminum 80 will be approximately 4 pounds lighter so compensate appropriately.

Diving Beyond Your Training:

Never stop developing your diving abilities. No matter where your diving adventures take you, make sure you are equipped with the proper training.

Your certification only qualifies you for the same diving conditions and environment in which you were trained.  As you continue your training, slowly extend your diving experiences.

Open ocean shore diving presents different challenges than Caribbean boat diving or fast water river diving so make sure you’re prepared for each new diving environment.

Take it easy, and if you’re not having fun or if you don’t feel good about the dive, don’t do it. This is especially important when diving in new conditions such as cold water or limited visibility or when using new equipment.

If you feel uncomfortable about a dive, it may because you feel that you’re not ready. Remember, dive your experience, not your “C” card.

If you want to begin exploring new environments, seek the training that will prepare you to explore them safely. For instance, if you want to explore the interiors of shipwrecks or enter a cave, enroll in a Wreck Diving or Cave Diving course. These unique overhead environments present specific challenges that can be deadly if you are not trained to manage them.

Don’t neglect first aid training. In the case of an emergency, you will not regret taking a course that requires a few hours of your time.

Click to access DAN-SmartGuide-DiveMistakes.pdf

Remember:              Who is responsible for the dive?

Each diver in the dive group shares equal responsibility for the conduct of the dive. When all divers understand and agree with that premise, the dive group can protect itself from individual and collective harm. Know your personal limits and take time to examine and evaluate your dive habits.

Do not rely on the experience of other divers in the group. As a certified diver, you are expected to recognize when elements are outside your level of training or comfort zone; it is your responsibility to acknowledge that and voice it.

Always remember, anyone can call off a dive at any time. In other words, it’s always OK to say “No”.

Dive Safety Starts and Ends with YOU

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