June 2016

“MUD Club”

Next Meeting:                    Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Andrews University,  Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall,  Berrien Springs, Mi

Meeting starts ~ 7:30 p.m.  (Every 3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

Last Meeting Highlights:

Club Information: 14 members present; New MUD caps quote of $10 and to order 4 white, 8 Black was approved (3W & 2B already spoken for) ; Announcement that Jim Scholz is the new President of the South West Michigan U/W Preserve and that SWMUP membership is $10; Tools of the Trade: Bob Sweeney did a presentation on WRECK REELS

DIY comments: status on 8 tank gas mixing rack and Tow fish; Dives done recently:  LPPL, PPL, Lake 16, St Joe River @ SJYC, Diamond Lake on the “South Bend”, Lake Mi on the “Rockaway”, and the “Ironsides”. Member Info: Paul Waller & Joe Leach rejoined the club in May; Show & Tell: Bob Sweeney showed new LED lights and Jim S passed around a vintage picture of Mark 5 diver in St Clair; Zack S supplied information on registering boat marine radio emergency feature with MSSI No. FCC – Tow Boat US;

June Meeting:

Introduce visitors, Present club Information & general Dive related news, Identify dive related events in May/ June that may be planned, Present any Show & Tell, Discuss any planned or finished DIY, Discuss current diving experiences & lessons learned if any, Open session, Roma’s in Berrien Springs after meeting.

Recent dives include: PPL – Fire Lanes, Outlet Bay, Sherwood Bay, Bowes & Smiths Landings, Lake 16, Wreck of the Havana, Ironsides, and Mack’s wreck, mowing the lawn on Lake Mi & PPL.

Wolf’s (Bob Jenson) is looking for assistance in the dive shop. Must be a certified diver.

Fresh MUD & Events Calendar Updates:

Tell me what you’re doing diving related so I can keep the MUD club website showing current activity. We need to show other divers the opportunities that exist if they want to dive. Trips, grubbing, wrecks, and anything diving related. Please email me info about your dives and any dive related happenings so I can update the site. Pictures Appreciated! http://mudclub.scubaobsessed.com/.

August 25:  (Sat) MUD Club Steak Fry & Dive – Ross Township –Gull Lake

September 7-9:  Cheboygan Wreck & River Grubbing Weekend

For Sale:

OMS HID light w/ upgraded head with switch on light head. New bulb & batteries. Battery connection w/o clips (screw on) to avoid snag hazards. $340 Call Kirk W @ 422-1790

10 cu ft AL bottle $75 contact Jim Scholz and for a 63 cu ft AL Contact Bob Sweeney

Divers Corner:

DCS Question: DAN Medic Case #94275


On a recent dive trip, a diver on our boat surfaced from a dive with symptoms of DCS and also complained of upper chest pain. The crew reacted quickly placing her on oxygen. I felt it was important for her to take aspirin and convinced her to do so as a precaution for heart attack. Was this a good idea? This diver was evacuated to shore and I later learned she did 6 hours in a chamber and did well thereafter.

DAN Response:

Chest Discomfort: Because it is very difficult, even for the healthcare professional, to differentiate chest discomfort of cardiac origin from other chest discomfort, the first aid provider should assume that chest discomfort is cardiac until proven otherwise.

While waiting for EMS to arrive, the first aid provider may encourage the victim to chew 1 adult (not enteric coated) or 2 low-dose “baby” aspirin if the patient has no allergy to aspirin or other contraindication to aspirin, such as evidence of a stroke or recent bleeding

Chest pain following a dive with or without accompanying symptoms of decompression illness also includes the possibility of pulmonary barotrauma or lung injury.  Bleeding can be something that is seen with this type of injury.  It is possible the use of aspirin could 
complicate such an injury.  To what degree is the big question?

MUD Club Member Response:

Jim S: As an EMT for the past 35 years, I have my own opinion. Aspirin is given to heart patients to “thin the blood and improve blood flow”. Yes, it should not be given to patients with ulcers or other active bleeding. DCS is bubbles in the blood stream and tissues. My thinking is that if I can improve the blood flow, I have a better chance of moving that bubble further downstream or allowing it to dissolve into the blood stream. In my way of thinking, “thinner” liquids carry smaller bubbles than “thicker” liquids. Personally, if I get a DCS hit, I am going to take the aspirin and deal with the potential bleeding issue later. Tissue will die from lack of oxygen faster than I can bleed out. I will be adding aspirin to my first aid and dive kit.

Its diving season people so let’s get wet and dive safe!!!


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