Lake 16 Ice Dive – Feb 7, 2016

Six divers got in the water and 2 individuals provided surface support. Water temp was about 37°F, the air was about the same not counting wind chill factor, 5 inches of good ice with no snow covering. If the bodies were in one area we got a good bit of sag around the triangle so we stayed spread out. The hole was about 10 feet from the phone booth and an easy shot to the U/W platform. Visibility a good 15 feet, looking up back to the hole you could not see the light so you needed the line to come home. Lake 16 platform is located at  N 42*33.948 W 085*36.694

Those participating included: Kevin Ailes, Gary Passon, Deb Wittkowski, , Ted Tomaszewski, Robb Lyczynski, Donald McAlhany, Wendy McKibben and Ron Jenner.

Divers spread out over the ice

Divers spread out over the ice


Pic 3- Wendy , Gary, Ted, Robb

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