Lake Michigan – Deep Swells :)

Lake Michigan Wreck Diving in DEEP Swells (2011-08-20) - YES that is another boat in front of us - No we are not going to hit it

Another beautiful day of Wreck diving in Lake Michigan though the waves were 1-3 ft on the way our, increasing to 2-4′ as we came up the line with very deep swells. Three boats out and three boats back !

Surface water temperature was 75F and stayed in the 70’s down to 60+ feet, the bottom was 56F. Visibility increased today from that of last Wednesday to 10-15 ft but that was before the thundering herd got on the bottom.  Low visibility was due to the thermocline being so close to the bottom.

It’s almost September and the weather is going to change so get in now while the waters soft and warm:)

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