Lake Michigan Structure & North Pier Dive

Ryan & David Getting ready

 We met at the boat launch around 4:00 PM in Benton Harbor and made preparation for a foray out to the structure off of Jean Klock Park in Benton Harbor. Though the lake conditions were marginal for scanning, the distance from the piers and getting back in the channel was less than 1/2 mile,  we gave it a shot.

When we left the piers and turned north, the swells were about 2 feet and the white caps were a good distance away with the wind decreasing. We coordinated location with the two GPS and tossed the anchor as we crossed the points. We secured the anchor, put out scope for the lake conditions and went down the line and did a couple 60 feet sweep with no results. Considering the low visibility and lack of success in locating the structure up the line we went.

In the after dive review it was realized that we had been directly over the structure and had dove the area over a hundred feet away (where the anchor was) – Duh! The lake was starting to kick up so we picked up anchor and decided to check out the protected side of the pier.

There we anchored about 50 feet from the pier and entered the water. The visibility was maybe 5 feet in cloudy water due to the turbulence & wave action. In spite of that there was sufficient visibility to safely navigate thru the rocks & boulders and search for treasure.   

Surface water temperature was 65 F and the bottom temp in both dive locations absolutely perfect for wet suit diving.  No golf balls located this dive but a very large and well filled tackle box was recovered; now the search is on for its owner.  Can’t wait for this weekend’s diving 🙂

Just some of the tackle box contents

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