March 2010

MUD Club 

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Andrews University – Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall – Berrien Springs, MI

Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.      (3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

March  Meeting:   

Review of identified dates on the 2010 schedule for changes/ discussion, and addition of dates and places you are willing to be the contact for, Show & Tell (if you bring something), and most anything else you’d like to talk about. Still collecting 2010 dues.  Don’t forget to drop by Wolfs Marine during their OPEN house on Saturday 20 (9 to 5) & Sunday 21 (12-5).

 Assistance Needed:

We hope to have a table at the Wolf’s open house with MUD Club information and pictures to entice new divers and maybe get some target locations from interested boaters. We need people to man the tables during these two days.

Events since last meeting that MUDDIES participated in:

2-17 Ship wreck Diving in Florida

2-18 Podcast – Scuba Obsessed

2-20 “Our World Underwater” – Chicago, IL

2-25 Pod Cast – Scuba Obsessed

2-27 “Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival” – Ford Seahorses, Ann Arbor, MI

3-04 Podcast – Scuba Obsessed

3-06 Saint Joseph River Dive, St. Joseph, MI

3-06 “Ghost ships Festival” – Milwaukee, WI (Shipwrecks & CCR)

3-11 Podcast – Scuba Obsessed

3-13 Possible Diamond Lake & Shipwreck dive – depending on ice


See club pictures and videos by visiting and then leave a comment. We hope to populate the site with club members, their Bios, and make it a useful club tool. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN!

You can to listen to scuba related topics on a podcast presented by a couple of MUD Club members (Darrin Jillson & Jim Kliemann) by going to on Thursday evenings at 2100 hrs. They are still a work in progress but getting better every week. Try it, You’ll Like it!

I need you divers to send me email with details (and pictures) of ANY scuba related activity that you participated in during the month for reference and /or inclusion in the newsletter and for sure on the club web site.  I can’t make note of it IF you don’t tell me about it.  Let us show the anonymous readers and lurkers that the Muddies are an active and participative club.

Tidbit for today:

The air that leaves a person’s lungs during exhalation contains 14% oxygen and 4.4% carbon dioxide. Atmospheres with less than 16 percent oxygen can become life threatening.

The maximum depth that you can dive safely on air is dependent upon the partial pressure of oxygen. The air that we breathe at the surface is at a partial pressure of 0.2 bar .The partial pressure increases as your depth increases: at 10 metres it will be 0.4 bar and at 20 metres it will be at 0.6 bar. Oxygen becomes toxic at approximately 1.6 bar partial pressure, giving a maximum safe diving depth on ordinary air of around 70 metres (230 ft).

The pressure of the oxygen alone (partial pressure) is 0.21 atmospheres. The absolute pressure at 33 feet of seawater (fsw) is 2 atmospheres, therefore the oxygen partial pressure would be 21% of 2 or 0.42 atmospheres. If you project the partial pressure of oxygen at 132 fsw it would be 21% of 5 atmospheres or 1.05. That would be the same as breathing pure oxygen at a depth of over 33′!

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) prohibits their divers from exceeding 1.6 atmospheres of oxygen where as the PADI/NAUI limit is 1.4 which is ~6.7 Atm or 221 fsw.  At 297′ (10 Atm) the partial pressure of the oxygen would be 2.1.                                1 bar = 100000 Pa – 1psi = 6890 Pa – 1 bar =14.5037738 psi

It is getting to be “Soft Water” time. Be hard core. Dive the river and be a Safe Diver!

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