March 2014

“MUD Club”

Next Meeting:                    Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Andrews University, Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall, Berrien Springs, MI

Meeting starts ~ 7:30 p.m.  (Every 3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

March Meeting:

Introduce visitors,   Present Club Information & General Dive related news,   Identify dive related events in 2014,   Present any Show & Tell,   Discuss current diving experiences & lessons learned if any,   Open session,    Pizza at Roma’s

Last Meeting Highlights:

We had 16 members and one visitor (Jeff Balog) at the last meeting,  Items of discussion included: comments on “Our World Underwater” (OWU) expo in Chicago and reviews of program contents from those attending, the new Kevlar constructed dry suit; Sir Larry is in the process of obtaining current DAN O² Training materials for club use; the presentation on the Ocean Reef  “Full Face Masks” demo at Sub Aquatics (SASS); Black Beards Island trip report;  update on the “South West Michigan Underwater Preserve” (SWMUP), its membership drive; comments about the Michigan U/W Salvage Committee; Noted the offer of a “boat” looking for a final resting place; Confirmed the following club activities and dates so put them on your calendar.  We miss you when you are not there for the fun.

August 16:  “MUD Club Annual Steak fry & Dive” on Saturday, August 16, River Front Park in Niles. Cooking begins at 12:00, river dive after eating.

August 30September 5Mackinaw Wreck Diving Week

September 5-7 Cheboygan Wreck, Grubbing and River Diving” – Dive week base of operation will be the “Birch Haus” motel in Cheboygan, MI.

November 29 Turkey Dive” – Fisherman’s Park, Benton Harbor, MI.

December 31New Year’s Gathering & Dive” – Niles, MI.

We need to verify & update club member information so PLEASE verify your correct email address, phone number, and current address by sending those via email to

In addition, when You receive your News Letter please provide an occasional response so we are assured the mail is getting through and confirms the email address we have.


2014 Club Dues are past due for some. You need to pay your dues to be included in the Club Member Directory. If you decide not to rejoin at this time, please drop us a line at so we can correct our membership records.  Thanks!

As always, Club members can purchase Club Hats, Decals & Club T-shirts and pick them up at the club meetings but you must first drop a line to identify item, size,   quantity wanted and which meeting date you will be at.  Hats & Decals available only for club members.

If you are a diver but not a MUD club member and would like to be contacted for open dive events (ice dive, river drift dive, grubbing dives) you are welcome to participate so send me your name, phone number and email.

2014 Dive Schedule   (Let’s start filling in the blanks)

TBD:  Annual Ann Arbor #5 Dive; Muskegon & Outside Breakwater Michigan city, Ind.; Rockaway – South Haven; Verona; Crane & Barge; Havana; Mack’s Wreck; Ironsides; GLWC Meet N Greet 2014 Gilboa Quarry –Ohio; Magician Lake (Sister Lakes); Dive Lake Cora; Paw Paw Lake – Watervliet; Saint Joseph – South Pier Dive; Drift Dive- St. Joseph River Niles; SASS Wednesday Evening Dives; Saint Clair River; Blue River Bridge;

Diver Question for the day:    

Are Snorkel’s really necessary?   What do YOU think?   Tell us at the meeting.

Dive briefings emphasize exits, entries, air monitoring, computer monitoring, the buddy system and buddy checks, proper buoyancy, currents and conditions, swimming direction, don’t-touch policies, O2 locations, emergency recall procedures, safety stops, tag lines, down lines, anchor lines.

Phew! I’ve heard hundreds upon hundreds of dive briefings from dive operations, and seldom does one of them ever mentioned wearing a snorkel.

Some say carrying a snorkel in their BC (buoyancy compensator) pocket or on a strap somewhere is the same as wearing one but this is not taught in basic scuba.

Sometimes snorkel wearing is impractical, like when cave diving, in wreck penetration, in swift currents or where entanglement is possible. In ad-hoc surveys, many do not wear them because the water was warm, little wave action, the current slow and the possibility of entanglement slim to none.

Is snorkel-less diving a passing fad or is it a trend that needs to be reversed?

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