March 2015

MUD Club

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Andrews University
Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall
Berrien Springs, MI

Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. (Every 3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

March Meeting:

Normal Meeting sequence is as follows:

  • Introduce visitors
  • Present Specific Club Information¹
  • General Dive related news²
  • Identify Club Dive events planned or in planning
  • Present any Show & Tell
  • Attendees to present current diving news, experiences or lessons learned (if any)
  • Open session

¹Confirm participants for display booth at the “Sportsman’s Dinner” this Saturday the 21st and reminder of Wolf’s Open House the 21st & 22nd.

²Feedback from attendees on “Our World Underwater” and the “Great Lakes Shipwrecks” events.

Dues are past due.

You may send a check made out to Ric Kling and note on the check it’s for ‘2015 MUD Dues’ if you cannot attend the meeting.

Last Meeting Highlights:

There were 14 in attendance at the February meeting and the following was discussed:

  • Club’s February Ice Dive at Lake 16
  • Florida dives by Jim S. and Richard C. that included the Blue Grotto & Ginny Springs
  • Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures and Lionfish
  • ‘Show and Tell’ by Richard C. about his found Hawaiian sling
  • Carpooling to Our World Underwater & Great Lakes Shipwrecks
  • Reviewed newsletter article on diving rules that have changed from the 80’s
  • Reminders about both SASS & Hart City Divers Wednesday evening dives starting with the beginning of the soft water dive season.


 As always, Club Hats, Decals & Club T-shirts can be purchased at the club meeting!
But first drop Mack a line at or call to identify item, size & quantity wanted.

2015 Dive Schedule

March 14: Ghost Ships Festival, Milwaukee, WI

March 21-22: Wolfs Open House

March 21: Display Booth at Sportsman Dinner (Coloma, MI)

March 21: Scuba Fest, Columbus, OH

August 22: MUD Club Steak Fry & Dive

Sept 8-11: Muddies Wreck Diving Mackinaw & Cheboygan

Sept 12-13: Cheboygan Weekend – Duncan Bay & Cheboygan River Diving

Oct ??: Recover Buoys and Anchors from Lake Michigan for “St Joseph Yacht Club”

Oct ??: Shipwrecks & Technology, Grand Haven, MI

Nov 21/22: Last Chance for pre-Turkey Day Dive

Nov 28: Turkey Dive, 12:00 in Benton Harbor, “Fisherman’s Park”

Dec 31: New Year’s Gathering & Dive

Considerations for Dives in 2015 (Volunteer to organize a dive):

  • Annual Ann Arbor #5 Dive
  • Muskegon
  • Outside Breakwater in Michigan City
  • Rockaway
  • Verona
  • Crane & Barge
  • Havana
  • Mack’s Wreck
  • Ironsides
  • GLWC Meet & Greet Gilboa Quarry
  • Magician Lake (Sister Lakes)
  • Lake Cora
  • Paw Paw Lake
  • St. Joe – South Pier Dive
  • Drift Dive – St. Joe River, Niles
  • HART City & SASS Wednesday Evening Dives
  • Saint Clair River
  • Blue River Bridge

Check out these dive shops that Muddy Divers use:

Wolf’s Marine Dive Shop
250 W Main St, Benton Harbor, MI 49022
Phone: 269-926-1068

Sub Aquatic Sports & Service 
347 North Helmer Road, Battle Creek, MI 49037
Phone:  269-968-8551

Divers Inc.
3380 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
Phone: 734-971-7770

107 W State St, Cheboygan, MI 49721
Phone: 231 597-8460

Hart City Scuba
28170 State Road 120, Elkhart, IN 46514
Phone: 219-264-3528

Just Add H2O
17911 SR 23, South Bend, IN 46635
Phone: 574-217-7724


The water is starting to get soft, but keep the thick hood, three finger mitts, and get wet!
You do not have to dive or be a diver to attend.
Dive surface support is ALWAYS appreciated.

Diving Factoid:

Effects of Immersion

Have you ever wondered why we need to urinate so much when we are diving?

When we immerse ourselves, the surrounding water exerts pressure on our bodies and actually squeezes it. This squeezing effect results in shunting of blood from the periphery (skin, muscle, etc.) to the core where our organs are. The amount of blood shunted is about 700 ml of volume.

One of the first organs that encounters the increased blood volume is the heart. Specifically, the right heart chambers get “full”. As the right heart “stretches” to accommodate this extra volume, it activates a hormonal cascade to our kidneys via increased atrionatiuretic peptide (ANP) and decreased vasopressin.

This signals the kidneys to increase urine production. As the kidneys produce more and more urine, we eventually return to a “satisfactory” volume or new state of euvolemia (being in the state of proper body fluid volume).

It should be obvious that once we exit the water, blood will redistribute to the periphery. This drop in central blood volume may have us enter a state of relative hypovolemia or dehydration. Immersion in cold water has an even greater effect on fluid losses.

Effects of Wearing a Wetsuit

A recent study looked at the hemostatic effects of wearing a properly fitted wetsuit. Not surprisingly, given that a well-fitted neoprene suit exerts pressure on the peripheral body, the results were not much different from the effects of immersion – but to a lesser degree.

Common Causes of Dehydration

Water or fluids in general do not get absorbed well if we chug large amounts of water. It is best to drink over the course of the day and maintain hydration rather than getting behind on fluids in the first place. One source suggests that it can take up to 24 to 36 hours to rehydrate after mild to moderate dehydration.

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