March 2017

MUD Club

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Andrews University, Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall,  Berrien Springs, MI

Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.

(3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

March Meeting:

Normal Meeting sequence is as follows:

  1. Introduce Visitors.
  2. Present Specific Club Information – 2017 Dues are due – Verify your contact info
  3. Identify dive events upcoming or planned. (Dives & Road Trips)
  4. Identify & discuss diving related news important to divers.

Did anyone actually take the time to review or look at “A Culture of Dive Safety” as suggested at February’s meeting? It’s still not too late.  (

Who has comments on Our World Underwater, The Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival, Ghost Ships Festival, and/ or the MSRA show?

Follow up: Identified that on both the Holland America and Royal Caribbean cruise ship excursion of a 2 tank dive in Bonaire there is an upper age limit of 65. Is this strictly adhered to. This does not apply to most of in dive shop trips. Bonaire per say does not have an age limit like Dive Friends Bonaire. Bottom line, check the small print before you book a dive on your specific cruise ship.  (  and )

March 25: MSRA – Mysteries & Histories Beneath the Inland Seas-2017

  1. Present any Show & Tell.
  2. Attendees speak about current diving experiences or lessons learned.
  3. Open session.

February Meeting Highlights:

 There was 14 members present, no visitors, and the following was discussed:

One member paid dues, Had “Show & Tell” with Kevin A’s milk bottle he recovered near the river wreck in February, Kevin talked about his dive in Saugatuck on the Condor and Lee R told us about his Caribbean dives in Aruba, St. Martins, and Cozumel and how he had to suffer diving in 79°F water among 10’ lemon sharks. We were very interested in hearing that some cruise lines are not allowing divers’ over 65 to dive when in Bonaire even with a doctor’s approval. Jim S reminded everyone that this is the time to have your regulators and BC’s serviced so your ready when the weather breaks.

Reminder of the following activities available to attend prior to the March meeting:

February XX: Thrill of the Chill – TBD- updated on Face book & club site.

February 24-26: Our World Underwater – Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL.

March 04: The Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival – Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI.

March 10-11: Ghost Ships Festival – Crowne Plaza Milwaukee Airport Hotel, Milwaukee, WI.

2017 Diver Related Events:

 March 18 &19: Wolf’s Open House

Why not organize a dive and paste it on the Facebook MUD club site?

Thrill of the Chill:

With the warmer temperature we have had an abundance of rain lately, the rivers are fast and visibility under the water almost non-existent. For those needing a dive, because their suits are shrinking, you can still stay warm by reserving and using the Club changing shed and heater at the dive site.  For those not diving, come on out and provide surface support for the divers that would like some company, besides everyone goes out to eat after the dive. Note that Sass has published their Wednesday evening dives for 2017.

Check out these dive shops that Muddy Divers use:

Wolf’s Marine Dive Shop , Benton Harbor, MI (

Sub Aquatic Sports & Service , Battle Creek, MI (

Divers Inc. , Ann Arbor, MI (

iDiveMi. , Cheboygan, MI (

Hart City Scuba , Elkhart, IN (

Just Add H2O , South Bend, IN [Michiana Divers] (

Altek Sports West Michigan Adaptive Diving , Zeeland, MI (

Divers Corner:      If You Dive Nitrox You Should Know About OXTOX.

These are a few items extracted from his publication. You really should read this entire article.

Partial pressure increases above this comfortable 0.21 ata, protective mechanisms are slowly overwhelmed and biochemical reactions are affected. This may eventually result in “oxtox,” or oxygen toxicity.

Oxygen toxicity of the brain, commonly referred to as central nervous system (CNS) oxygen toxicity, is different. It can occur during actual diving, and when it does, it can ruin your day – and possibly more.

The big daddy of CNS symptoms does, however. It is the full-blown grand mal convulsion. During a convulsion, a diver will thrash about, perhaps bang his head into something hard, or if underwater, may lose his mouthpiece. The result can be trauma or drowning.

There is a large individual variation in susceptibility and time of onset to symptoms. This is what is referred to as “oxygen tolerance.”

Compared to dry exposures, immersion decreases oxygen tolerance a great deal, decreasing exposure times up to a factor of four or five.

Exercise decreases oxygen tolerance a lot, compared to rest.

Diving in very cold (<49°F / 9°C) or very warm (>88°F / 31°C) water seems to decrease oxygen tolerance.

Currently, the U.S. Navy is using 1.3 ata as the maximum limit in its closed-circuit rebreathers.

The NOAA limit for nitrox diving at 1.6 ata is 45 minutes for normal diving and 120 minutes for exceptional exposure diving.

During a nitrox dive done at Duke University’s F.G. Hall Hypo/Hyperbaric Center at 100 feet / 30 meters, breathing 1.6 ata pO2 (oxygen partial pressure) during heavy exercise, a convulsion occurred after 40 minutes.

Breathing 100 percent oxygen during the 20-foot / 6.1-meter decompression stop is common practice, and at this depth, the partial pressure will be about 1.6 ata. At this shallow depth, under conditions of rest, the chance of CNS oxygen toxicity should be very low, but, like most things in life, this is not certain.

Between 1.4 ata and 1.6 ata (this is 99 feet / 30 meters on a 40-percent mix) is the “yellow light” region.

The possibility of oxygen toxicity at 1.6 ata is low, but the margin of error is very slim compared to 1.4 ata. Individual variation.

Above 1.6 ata is the “red light” area. Just don’t do it.

Reminder:   It can never be repeated enough.

Always remember, anyone can call off a dive at any time.

        In other words, it’s always OK to say “No”.


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