May 2020

MUD Club

Club meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 19, 2020 is CANCELLED Andrews University, Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall, Berrien Springs, MI Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.  (3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

Since we are for the most part still in a “state of quarantine” diving activities and scuba news has been a bit skimpy the last three months.

But with that said: An item that is of great concern to divers is the big and lingering question of whether divers that get COVID-19, no matter how slight, can return to diving. That is one issue all divers are concerned with so check out this DAN report for additional details.

The “Great Lakes Shipwreck Research Group” put on the first Inland Seas Online Shipwreck Festival hosted by Brendon Baillod on April 25th. It was held on the Great Lakes Shipwreck Research Group’s Facebook page.

Stage it and they will come has been was the motto for die hard divers lately as diving has commenced in spite of the virus. There has been several gatherings at Lake 16 where many divers are coming to practice underwater social distancing. April diving found the visibility rather good and the water temperature around 40F.

The “American Dive Zone” has been out to Lake 16 repairing the U/W platform which is much appreciated by all. They are located at 3089 Broadmoor in Kentwood, Michigan 49512 (616) 949-9577) and more information on them can be found on their face book page at:

On April 29th, there was the Great Lakes Shipwrecks LIVE presentation by Erik Petkovic available on the GL Shipwreck Research Group’s facebook page.

In May, attention was then focused on diving Gull Lake at the Prairie view Park and at Lime Lake’s Falling Waters Trail dive site. It was reported that the water temperature has climbed into the mid 40’s and getting warm for dry suiters. Appears the lakes have more boaters than divers so take your dive flags and watch your heads!

Lake Cora has seen mud club divers at the fire lane entry point and the water temperature was reported to be 45F with decent visibility.

On May 12th other diehard divers checked out the Manitou Mysteries Shipwreck Adventure -virtual ZOOM presentation hosted by Royal Oak Public Library and Ross Richardson.

And also in May, Dr. Douglas Ebersole presented a program of interest to divers titled “Diving in the Era of COVID-19.  This program is available at this site.

And lastly, check out Tamara Thomsen and Great Lakes Shipwrecks LIVE on May 20th at 7:00 PM

And do not forget to tune into “ScubaObsessed” the longest running Scuba related pod cast in the USA and hosted by the Mud Clubs own Darrin Jillison. Check him out on most Thursday evenings and join in the chat room at around 9:30.

With all of this in mind, I thought you might continue to enjoy a look into the past of the Muddies from yesteryear.

Hope you enjoy the Muddy News from MAY 1982

Also, Bonus Points to anyone who can identify All the individuals in this picture of “Winners” at this 1970’s Mud Club Aquathon – at Barron Lake, Niles, MI

REMEMBER: ANYONE can call off a dive at any time. It is always OK to say “No”

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