May 2019

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Andrews University, Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall, Berrien Springs, MI

Meeting starts at 7:30 P.M. (3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

May Meeting: Normal Meeting Sequence is as follows:

1. Introduce Visitors

2. Present Specific Club Information

3. Identify dive events upcoming or planned. (Dives & Road Trips) 

+ Mega Mermaid Fest – South Haven – June 14-16: Need volunteers – Pier safety
+ MUD Club Picnic – Niles- Riverside Park – August 17

4. Identify & discuss diving-related news important to divers.

*Wolf’s “Discover SCUBA” on April 27 at the St. Joseph HS had 11 individuals taking their first steps toward diving and 6 other divers checking out their gear for the summer season.
*Wolf’s Basic First Aid, AED Operation, CPR, O2 Provider classes in April resulted in 11 individuals obtaining certifications to assist them in becoming DNR Volunteer divers. 
*SWMUP Buoy Project – Buoys, anchors, chains and subsurface buoys have been purchased. Installation dates for the Havana & Rockaway anticipated soon.
*MUD Members of the GLS&R (Great Lake search & Recovery) participated in the search for a missing person.

5. Present any Show & Tell.

6. Attendees speak about current diving experiences or lessons learned.
Lake Cora – Ironsides – Lake 16 – Gull Lake – Gilboa

7. Open session.

April Meeting Highlights:

There were 16 members at the meeting. Items discussed or reviewed included:  Treasures report, identified that the Great Lakes Wrecking Crew (GLWC) mentioned the Gilboa Meet & Greet was May3-5, it was identified that getting tanks refilled in upper Michigan (the Straits & Cheboygan area) is difficult because the scuba shops used in the recent past are out of business, Dives were noted to have been at Gull Lake & Lake 16, Mary Beth closed the meeting with a trivia quiz (with prizes). The topics were not all dive related but fun filled facts (concerning the Codd Stopper bottle, Cream vs Meat Jars, “dial” soap, refrigerator train cars, the Amour assembly line.)

2019 Diver Related Events:

For those looking for a dive or dive buddy, keep checking in and updating the MUD Club Facebook site for “Thrill of the Chill” dives. Also check “SASS Wednesday Night Dive Club” or Hart City Scuba’s “Hump Day Dive Schedule” also on Facebook. There is NO reason not to be getting wet and having a buddy diver. 

Check out these dive shops and their web sites that Muddy Divers use:

Wolf’s Marine Dive Shop, Benton Harbor, MI., Sub Aquatic Sports & Service, Battle Creek, MI., Divers Inc., Ann Arbor, MI., Hart City Scuba, Elkhart, IN., Just Add H2O, South Bend, IN [Michiana Divers]., Altek Sports – West Michigan Adaptive Diving, Zeeland, MI.

Divers Corner:   Cozumel incident but lesson learned

My wife and I are in Cozumel back in November. It’s her first trip and first experience at ocean diving and my first in over 10 years. We did a pre-dive at a local lake to work on buoyancy and re-familiarize ourselves with diving. Some friends of ours who have been diving quite a while recommend a dive master they use.

We contacted him and went out on a medium sized boat with quite a few other folks, but he was basically “our” divemaster. He goes over the dive plan, we settle on nothing over 80 feet, come up with 700 lbs. of air etc. and we set out on our dive.

He mentions they’ve seen black tip (sharks) so we go with the group over to that area. We’re cruising around and see some eagle rays and behold, black tips. But he keeps going deeper.

We follow thinking, A) he’s the divemaster and B) he’s here to look out for us. I see we are at 87 feet or so and figure we are doing ok. I then check a few minutes later…116 feet! I’m a little irritated.

We continue the dive and my air gets to 1000. I tell him. Then, I’m at 700, I tell him. 500, I tell him. 200, I tell him and literally put the gauge in front of his face. We finally do our safety stop, I’m staying right beside him and by the end of it I’m breathing off his Octo. No biggie, I’m comfortable, life is good.

Suddenly he drops a weight, looks at me, points to the surface then takes off to get the weight.

I’m a little confused as his regulator is pretty much pulled from my mouth. I swim down, catch up with him, get one more breath as he points up again.

I see my wife above me, I know she has air, so I frantically swim up to her as I am continually breathing out. I take one more breath off her regulator then shot to the surface.


No.1# – The divemaster is a guide. Don’t rely on them 100%. If he hadn’t been there, I would have done my safety stop then ascended to the surface with around 400 /500 lbs. of air. However, I allowed the mindset that “he’ll take care of me” to overrule my common sense.

DON’T BE ME>>>Lesson Learned. – Your THOUGHTS:

1. Why did he take us so deep?
2. Why did he ignore my air issue when he was fully aware of the situation? Why didn’t he simply ascend with both my wife and I then head back down for the weight? It was probably only 30 feet deep.

I confronted him after the dive and his response “We had a great dive, you saw lots of neat stuff. Do this next dive with me and I will take good care of you.” Uhm, HELL NO, you kind of freaked me out (which doesn’t happen often) and you thoroughly scared my wife who honestly hasn’t seen me truly scared since we’ve been together.

Any thoughts are appreciated. I think I’ve learned my lesson from the dive but willing to hear others input on things I should have/could have done differently. ….


If you thought you were too deep you could (should) have signaled ascend and leveled off, and then done that. If you thought it was time to ascend, you should have signaled that and then started your ascent. Unless your DM was going to abandon you, he would have followed both of your and your wife’s moves. When it comes down to it, you are responsible for yourself.

Bottom line is: Each diver must know that they are responsible for their plan, their execution, their equipment and their safety.


ANYONE can call off a dive at any time.   It is always OK to say “No”

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