October 2012

MUD Club” 

Next Meeting:                    Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Andrews University   Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall  Berrien Springs, Mi    

Meeting starts ~ 7:30 p.m.   (Every 3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

 October Meeting:

 Introduce visitors,   Present club Information & general Dive related news,   Identify dive related events in August/ September,   Present any Show & Tell  (hopefully some large shark teeth),   Discuss any planned or finished DIY,   Discuss current diving experiences & lessons learned if any,   Open session,   Going to Roma’s in Berrien Springs after meeting.

[there will be a drawing for two prizes at this month’s meeting]


MUD Club hats still available- call Mack to reserve one & I will bring it to the meeting. They are $10.00 each. (8 Black, 3 White and 1 Khaki remaining)

 Last Meeting Highlights:

 There were 13 in attendance and no visitors.  Excellent equipment presentation on “Cold Water Diving”; recent dives identified included Moby’s Treasure dive, details about Cheboygan wreck dives (Cederville, Barnum, St. Andrew, Rock Maze, Tug Jenny Lynn), SWMUP information update and details about permits and there cost required by the State to place buoys on wrecks. Sold three MUD club T-shirts.

 Few Fresh MUD & Events Calendar Updates:

 No Information & details equals No Club Site Updates. So please email me info about your dives and any dive related happenings so I can update the site. Pictures Appreciated!        http://mudclub.scubaobsessed.com/.

                                       It’s NOT going to get any warmer people so get wet now !!!

Food for thought:

Which is comment below is True or False and Why do you think so?

(1)  Rather than think of archaeology as a ‘good’, it might be more beneficial to think of archaeology as a ‘bad’, defined in this instance as any good with a negative value to the consumer.  Archaeology is rubbish, and although we derive great satisfaction in trying to understand how this material culture relates to the people who made it, it’s worth remembering that to our clients, archaeology really is rubbish.  It is the contaminated detritus of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years of human activity.  Archaeology lowers the utility value of the land for future development, and commercial heritage workers are paid to take it away, or advise a cheaper course of action that preserves the remains in-situ.

(2) Archaeology helps us to travel back into time to get valuable information about the human settlements which existed centuries ago. It throws light on the cultural history of various countries and answers various questions about the lifestyles of people who lived in that part of the world. It has also helped to ascertain the chronology of the pre-historic times. The economic return on the funding is not as important as the History it provides.

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