October 2015

MUD Club

Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 20
Andrews University,
Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall
Berrien Springs, MI

Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.
(Every 3rd Tuesday of every month except December)

October Meeting:

Normal Meeting sequence is as follows:
• Introduce Visitors.
• Present Specific Club Information.

The shipping of Sponge Survey kits is on hold from the university
The club phone directory is to be issued in February 2016 after identification of paid members.

• Identify dive events upcoming or planned.

Need an organizer and contact person for the November Turkey dive. Location & time TBD
November is Election Month: Please consideration volunteering for a position.
Need to identify who will host the New Year’s Eve Gathering & Dive.

• Identify & discuss diving related news important to divers.
• Present any Show & Tell.
• Attendees speak about current diving experiences or lessons learned.
• Open session.

Last Meeting Highlights:

There were 14 members and 1 visitor in attendance at the September meeting where the following was discussed:

Thanked everyone who participated and helped at the club picnic.

Discussed membership applications, waiver forms and medical emergency forms. Showed how medical forms can be sealed for privacy. Handed out forms and passed the book around so members could see if they had filled out forms. A few were completed and turned in after the meeting.

Discussed the lack of response to the MUD survey. Explained only 7 individuals out of 60 responded. Handed out copies, received 2 back, and encouraged people to go back to their e-mails and complete survey.

Discussed rescuing and/or helping a diver in distress in the river and presented example when diving in current and included a review for:

1. Planning the dive. Tell each other what you are going to do before you get in the river
2. Know the hazards and make sure less experienced divers are aware of them. (snags)
3. Know when to abort the dive – determine your “I ‘am not going there level.”
4. Identified option of filling up your BC and floating to Marmount as river crossing alternate.
5. Reminded everyone to get into the shallows and out of the current before a problem develops.
6. Discussed rescues and the use and location of the throw bag by shore support for that dive.

As noted above we got through a lot of business stuff, including dive safety and rescue discussion, and a good deal of great show and tell from the river finds.

Most everyone at the meeting was in rare form and it carried over to Roma’s. It was a Fun night with Jim Scholz bringing a surprise birthday cake to Roma’s for the club president. Can I say a fun time was had by all?

2015 Dive Schedule:

Organize a dive and paste it on the Facebook MUD club site.

Thirsty Thursdays: These dives have been a rousing success especially since the river has been co-operating with decent visibility and a mild current. Just remember it is getting dark earlier so light your float and take a light with you. The water is getting chiller (high 40’- low 50’s) so hoods and gloves are now necessary. If we need the changing shed, arrangements can be made to have it available with the heater. Come on down and join the fun as a diver or surface support.

Check out these dive shops that Muddy Divers use:

Wolf’s Marine Dive Shop , Benton Harbor, MI (http://www.wolfsmarine.com/DiveShop.aspx)
Sub Aquatic Sports & Service , Battle Creek, MI (http://www.sassdive.com)
Divers Inc. , Ann Arbor, MI (http://www.diversinc.com)
iDiveMi. , Cheboygan, MI (http://www.idivemi.com/northern-michigan-dive-center)
Hart City Scuba , Elkhart, IN (http://www.hartcityscuba.com)
Just Add H2O , South Bend, IN [Michiana Divers] (http://www.justaddh2o.us.com)
Altek Sports West Michigan Adaptive Diving , Zeeland, MI (http://www.alteksports.com/)

Divers Corner: DAN’s Smart Guide to Safe Diving

Seven Mistakes Divers Make & How to Avoid Them

1. Neglecting Health and Fitness
2. Neglecting Proper Gear Maintenance
3. Insufficient Dive Planning
4. Lack of Buoyancy Control
5. Diving Beyond Your Training
6. Running Out Of Air
7. Not Taking Personal Responsibility

Diving Beyond Your Training

Never stop developing your diving abilities. There is always more to learn—how to dive new environments, how to refine your skills or even how to use new types of equipment. No matter where Your diving adventures take you, make sure you are equipped with the proper training. Remember Your certification only qualifies you for the same diving conditions and environment in which you were trained.

As you continue your training, slowly extend your diving experiences. California shore diving presents different challenges than Caribbean boat diving—make sure you’re prepared for each new diving environment.

Take it easy, and if you’re not having fun or if you don’t feel good about the dive, don’t do it. This is especially important when diving in new conditions such as cold water or limited visibility or when using new equipment. If you feel uncomfortable about a dive, it may because you feel that you’re not ready. Remember, dive your experience, not your “C” card.

If you want to begin exploring new environments, seek the training that will prepare you to explore them safely.

For instance, if you want to explore the interiors of shipwrecks or enter a cave, enrolling in a Wreck Diving or Cave Diving course. These unique overhead environments present specific challenges that can be deadly if you are not trained to manage them.

Don’t neglect first aid training. In the case of an emergency, you will never regret taking a course that requires a few hours of your time.

There are all kinds of specialty dive courses that can prepare you to explore safely. If you want to expand your diving experiences, sign up for a course to get the training you need.

Different diving environments include: Altitude, Wreck(shallow or deep), Cavern, Cave, Deep, Drift (ocean/river), Drysuit, Ice, Night, River (slow /fast) and others.

Click to access DAN-SmartGuide-DiveMistakes.pdf


What is your EP (emergency plan)? Do others know what to do? Have you planned it for late evening dives? Have you ever thought on how you would respond while diving the river?

When in doubt, DON’T – Be safe out there!

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