Paw Paw Lake

Paw Paw Lake - Public Pier - Watervliet Side

Paw Paw Lake – Public Pier – Watervliet Side

Sunny skies, calm waters and an air temperature of 70F were the order of the day at Paw Paw Lake on the Watervliet side.  The visibility from the pier was 4 feet to the sand so I expected good visibility.  The water here is getting chiller, as is the river, but I was only a little chilly after 1 & 1/2 hours down time but that was mostly due to a very porous wet suit.

The visibility averaged 4 feet and had a brown cloudy tint which was less than I had hoped for and less than in the river. It was a bit of a surprise to find more weeds than earlier in the year but even those were not nearly as dense as in past years. Observed snail activity, nice collection of live clams of a small physical size,  some small fish, and one large one who was wondering what I was doing in his (or her) territory.

Spent most of the dive in less than 15 feet of water, about half a tank in the flat shallows and an equal amount on the slopes. Bottom was mostly firm pack and did give up a few treasures.  Check out the “Treasures” site for a picture of today’s finds.


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