River Cleanup in Niles – Ecology Scuba Dive

Updated 9/27/2016 10:15am

October 1, 2016

11:00am to 3:00pm

Don’t forget that this Saturday, October 1, is the St. Joe river cleanup behind the Wonderland Theatre in Niles. Divers, Snorkelers, Swimmers, Kayakers, Waders, and Bubble Watchers are all needed to help out. The City of Niles is providing a dumpster and the MUD Club & local dive shops are providing the manpower to remove a bunch of “JUNK” from the river. There are bottles, tires, bottles, bicycles, bottles, car parts, bottles, and all sorts of “junk” to pick up and clean out of the river. Did we mention there are a lot of old bottles that you might want to display rather than throw into the dumpster, but that is your choice. 

We are planning to be in the river any time between 11:00 and 3:00, with prizes being awarded for the most unusual, heaviest, and biggest pile.

Everyone is invited to come out and help. If you are diving, be sure to bring a dive flag and float to mark your position in the river. Extreme caution is urged as portions of the river have strong current and multiple snag and overhead hazards. There are areas that have less hazard and depths can run from 1 foot to over 10 feet. Anyone participating is volunteering their time at their own risk.

Michigan Underwater Divers Club is organizing an Ecology Scuba Dive. The goal is to clean up as much trash as possible in the Saint Joseph River and on the shoreline along the Indiana Michigan River Valley Trail near Riverfront Park. We will be gathering behind the Wonderland Theater. From there we will be spread up and down the river with the primary plan to cover from the upstream Grant Street bridge down to the rail road bridge near Wayne Street. With enough support the area could expand up to the French Paper Mill Dam.

The ecology dive is open to all Scuba Divers, Snorkelers and anyone willing to walk the bank or shore. Shore support will greatly increase the amount of trash that can be removed by the divers. We would love to have two people on shore for each diver in the water.

The City of Niles will be providing a dumpster.

We recommend everyone come early for the best parking spots to avoid a long gear haul.

Here is the facebook event link – https://www.facebook.com/events/203018966779229/

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