River Dive in Niles, MI 2010-12-11

Saint Joseph River flowing thru Niles, MI

Today saw a group of four Muddies muddy up the Saint Joseph River as it flows thru Niles Michigan. The divers arrived at 10 am, set up the portable ice shanty and made sure the heater was working full blast.  After a pre-dive briefing consisting of identifying who was diving with whom and where everyone was intending to hunt, we got down to the serious business of suiting up.  Of course for one of us, who shall be nameless, did not have to go thru the ritual of “warm water dousing” and was the first one in the water.  Today’s visibility started off at ~ 5 feet but decreased in proportation to how close you were to some one else’s fins or if you were down stream of their digging.  The cool water (at 33F) felt perfectly comfortable after your lips & cheeks sort of semi froze and we did notice that the current has increased, noticed especially by someone whose dive flag escaped from their grasp and had to scurry downstream to capture it.  All in all it was a safe, fun, and successful dive and we especially enjoyed having soup & coffee while doing a post dive talk at the Nugget in downtown Niles.  As always “You” are invited to join us in our next outing. Come on in, the waters fine!

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