River Wreck Diving – St. Joseph River

Since this was another unseasonably warm and sunny day, for a February, there was no reason not to go diving. Todays dive area was back in the Saint Joseph river flowing between the shores of St. Joseph and Benton Harbor Michigan.

Under clear blue skies we launched from the Benton Harbor DNR docks  and proceeded toward the wreck site doing a little extra side scanning on the way. We were really wanting to see if there was additional wreckage way from the main body and if there were additional wreckage out in the middle of the river.

Last weeks river conditions were a good bit better for exploration than today. The visibility was zero at the surface and varied between 12″  to 18″ on the bottom once your eyes adapted to the low light. The current was very swift and much more of a problem than two weeks ago when we were shore diving.

When the first diver back attempted to get back on board, the additional drag caused us to drag the anchor until it snagged in the wreckage. It was extremely helpful to have had a person topside at this time.  Though no one took “goody bags”  there were treasures to be found in the way of bottles and jars and a few made their way on board.

Additional scanning was performed on the way back to the docks and a few places of interest were noted for future possible dives.

Several of today’s divers: Ted Tomaszewski, Kevin Ailes and Robb Lyczynski.

Viver view toward Morrison Channel

doing a little extra scanning


After dive discussion


Glassware and bottles




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