Saint Joseph River Dive

Whirlpool Basin Area – St. Joseph River
Today was an area checkout dive with MB in preparation for the New Years Eve night dive and as the picture indicates we actually had some visibility in the shallows and the calm water there belied the conditions away from shore. 
Downing the primary gear went fine with MB quickly learning to manage the typical difficulities associated with working with thick mitts on. Simple items like being able to locate, grab, then slip on fins straps and snap the links or readjusting you mask  over your hood face seam so it does not leak is NOT the same or as easy when you have thick mitts on.
Side to side visibility was several feet but the bottom was basicly black and you knew you were there by feel. And the water, well today it was “damn cold”, least way in wet suits it was:)  
Todays after action (dive) debriefing and discussion reinforced what we already knew.
Get out of the water before the cold makes it “difficult” to function, reinforced how you can not swim up current  especially when its at flood level but how easy it is to let the current carry you to the river bank, why its always good to have shore support handy with safety gear available in the event its needed, and having a dive flag with you really helps shore support be available in the area your actually in, not where you planned to be.    
          We had a good  day, a good dive and good experiences.  
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