September 2016

MUD Club

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Andrews University, Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall, Berrien Springs, MI

Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.

3rd Tuesday of every month except December

September Meeting:

Normal Meeting sequence is as follows:

  1. Introduce Visitors.
  2. Present Specific Club Information:
  3. Identify dive events upcoming or planned. (Dives & Road Trips)
  4. Identify & discuss diving related news important to divers.
  5. Present any Show & Tell.
  6. Attendees speak about current diving experiences or lessons learned.
  7. Open session.

Last Meeting Highlights:

 There were 18 members present at last meeting, Discussed the Scuba Obsessed Pod Cast with guest speaker John Chatterton (Shadow Divers), Final planning for the Mud Club Annual picnic, Comments on the Cheboygan and Mackinaw Wreck Diving Trip, Comments by Jim & Mary Beth about the Ecology dive planned for Oct 1 in the St. Joe River behind the Wonderland Cinema beginning at 10:00 AM with prizes being awarded with the dumpster being provided by the township, Notice about the passing of shipwreck hunter (and owner of the Lady Elgin) Harry Zych known to many of the clubs members; Lessons Learned comments on Safety when doing deep dives and maintaining large safety margins; Ships dove this last period include the AA#5, Ironsides, Havana, Rockaway, Hume, and Barge on Lake Michigan and many many dives river dives. After the meeting most went to Roma’s for pizza.

 2016 Dive Listing:

 Organize a dive and paste it on the Facebook MUD club site.

Thirsty Thursdays:

Come on down and join the fun on “Thirsty Thursdays” beginning at 5:00 until 7:00 p.m. All divers greatly appreciate “everyone” who comes and provides support for the activity.  Dives can be labor intensive and “many hands make light work”.  The gathering afterward for food and diving discussions are just about as much fun as the dive itself. These will continue as long as divers express and interest. Monitor the face book Mud Club site for current updates.

Check out these dive shops that Muddy Divers use:

Wolf’s Marine Dive Shop , Benton Harbor, MI (

Sub Aquatic Sports & Service , Battle Creek, MI (

Divers Inc. , Ann Arbor, MI (

iDiveMi., Cheboygan, MI (

Hart City Scuba , Elkhart, IN (

Just Add H2O , South Bend, IN [Michiana Divers] (

Altek Sports West Michigan Adaptive Diving , Zeeland, MI (


When was the last time you invited a new diver (or old diver) to dive with you?

Divers Corner:  The Most Common Causes of Out-Of-Air Emergencies is Lack of Awareness

1 Diving too Deep Gas consumption increases dramatically with depth.

2 Staying too Long

3 Working too Hard Fighting a strong current, hunting or lacking buoyancy control

4 Not Monitoring Your Pressure Gauge

5 Ignoring Anxiety as a Factor

6 Starting with Less than a Full Tank (for any planned dive no matter how short)

7 Not Opening the Tank Valve All the Way

8 Frequent Depth Changes and BCD Adjustments

9 Omitting Pre-dive Check and Buddy Checks

10 Regulator Your gas consumption can be affected if: Your regulator is hard to breathe from, Your secondary regulator has a slow leak, Your regulator starts to free-flow due to freezing, Your mouthpiece decouples from your regulator, Your dive buddy accidentally knocks your regulator out of Your mouth.

11 BCD Inflator leaks or tears in your BCD

12 Pressure Gauge or computer error

13 Burst O-ring or Hose


As we all know its September and the lakes, ponds and river waters are cooling off. About 1 ½ hr is all most of you are going to be comfortable in IF your wet suiting it in the river. Double dipping requires a warm up interval and warm water for the wet suit to take out the chill.  Get wet now before the hard water takes over. Or go DRY early.

Anyone can always call off a dive at any time. In other words, it’s always OK to say “No”.

Dive Safety Starts and Ends with YOU


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