South Haven Maritime Museum – Wreck Release Information

Jim presenting shipwreck information at the South Haven Maritime Museum



Members of the Michigan Underwater Divers Club today announced the find of an 80’ long wooden schooner in 72’ of water between St. Joseph and New Buffalo. The wreck is mostly covered in sand but there are a number of dead eyes visible along with an iron stock anchor and the windlass. We are calling it “Mac’s Wreck” since we have not been able to identify the ship yet. Hopefull, next year we will find that one piece of infomation that will solve this mystery wreck.

Release of new shipwreck information and video at the South Haven Maritime Museum today and covered by ABC57 and Fox 28 (WSJM) .

Scuba Obsessed Interview with Jim S.

ABC 57 Video and Coverage–134568768.html

FOX 57 Video and Coverage




You can keep up to date on new information related to this shipwreck at the following link.



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