Turkey Dive

Saturday, November 26-2016, “TURKEY DIVE” was held at 12:00 (High Noon) in the Saint Joseph river, Benton Harbor at Fisherman’s Park.  (next to the new Whirlpool Complex).   It was a great dive with 7 divers and several people on shore support. Bob S  ran into Mack underwater and partnered up with him for most of the 30+ minute dive time. Bob was able to provide an extra video light for Macks GoPro. Still from the video what is usually found underwater in that area. It was chilly in the water if you were in for awhile.   Visibility at the bottom was 4 to 6 ft if you were below 12 feet, in shallower water the visibility dropped to 2-3 feet but there was a lot more light from above.    The water temperature was between 42 & 44 F.   Thanks to Karen Mann for bring over and setting up her Hospitality Tent. It was great to have a warm wind break and hot drinks after the diving.





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