Wreck Dive & Structure Dive Combo

Mother Nature cooperated this weekend to allow several Mud divers (Dave F, Brakell M, and Jim S, to get in a combo dive on just one trip.

The initial dive was on a  rubble wreck  where the water temperature at depth was a cool 40F and the visibility limited.  Jim S actually did two dives on the wreck and considering he was diving wet was a little challenging. Upon surfacing in rain and with the weather looking as if it was going to get worse, they beat feet back to the piers.

By the time that got near the piers the weather cleared and they decided to try an locate an intake water structure located the week before. They dropped anchor and went down to scope out the   structure. After a little searching they did locate it and got in a bit of exploring time.  No anchors  or down rigger balls located in the rubble on this dive though.

All it all it was a full day of diving  and they are now looking for Mother Nature to calm the lake for an additional dive on the structure. The plan is for the middle of next week.  See you their maybe?

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