August 11: This Years MUD Club Picnic

Well, the Michigan Underwater Divers (MUD) club could not have asked for better picnic weather than we had today! We hope that those who could not make it this year will be at the one next year. But with that said, be aware that we cannot guarantee the great weather we had today. No one kayaked today, but a few hardy souls took to the river and some bottle treasures were found, in spite of the very low visibility, river banks snag hazards, and fast currents.

Steaks & brats on this brill. Chicken and potatoes on the other.

Getting ready to begin the feast.

The pipe is almost covered, the current is strong, but notice Jim’s flag in their honey hole on the opposite side of the river.

Big John getting ready to challenge the river.

Jason getting ready to give his new dry suit a try.

New signage since this year’s flooding.

While some are diving or walking the river side paths, some are just cooling it in the shade.

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