August 2020

August 2020 – Newsletter

MUD Club

The MUD Club meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 18, 2020 is CANCELLED

Though we continue to be in a “state of quarantine” limited local diving activities do continue. Get wet when & if you can but please observe social distancing techniques to protect yourself and others.

Physical Club Meetings:

As far as Not being able to hold physical club meetings, most other organizations are having the same issue.  Some groups are holding “Zoom” meetings and we have had some member feedback on doing this. There are members who would help support this but nothing formal yet.  A survey will be forthcoming to see if the interest and needed participation will be there to make this a viable option to conducting club business.   

“Tankful Tuesdays” dives continue to be the means where Muddies gather to socialize and maintain club contact. Whether actively diving, providing physical shore support, or just being present to support diving activities is keeping the club active and relevant.  Stay tuned to the club Facebook page for opportunities to participate in and support diving activities.

Divers Alert Network:

If you have not done so, check in with the Divers Alert Network (DAN) as they are always posting updates on how COVID-19 is affecting divers. and

Stay In-Tune with Diving:

And another reminder to help you stay “in tune” with diving is to tune into “ScubaObsessed”, the longest running Scuba related pod cast in the USA and hosted by the Mud Clubs own Darrin Jillison. This is available via Discord on most Thursday evenings

Diving Notes:

Diving activities with club members & co. for the last month included the following:

Ann Arbor dive (7-17), High Noon Dive at Riverfront Park (7-18), Diamond Lake – wreck of the South Bend (7-19), Tankful Tuesday -TT (7-21), Lake Cora (7-26), Ann Arbor 5 wreck (7-25),  Reeds Lake & Gull Lake (7-27), Tankful Tuesday -TT (7-28),  Tankful Tuesday -TT (8/4), Unofficial Thirsty Thursday Dive -BH Intakes -Lake Mi –(8-6), Drift Dive- St. Joseph River (8-8), Tankful Tuesday -TT (8-11), Magician Lake (8-13).

Mackinaw trip:

Friday August 28 / Tuesday September 8. Contact Jim Scholz for details

Feed Back Please:

Remember last month’s post concerning Dive Planning and Dive Debriefing? Help us out by giving us your 2. It is hard to believe that we cannot learn something from doing this and letting others know how has benefited you as a diver or diver buddy.  Tell us why you believe this is or is not, a good thing to do. We will be posting collected comments and findings.

Do you and your buddies ALWAYS have and discuss your Dive Plan before the dive?

Does your plan have contingencies and does everyone understand those contingencies?

Dive Debrief: After Dive, have you and your buddy been debriefing?

1) Did both of you identify what you think went well and as planned in your dive.

2) Did either of you identify what you think did not go as planned and why?

3) Did you & your buddy identify any actions learned or reinforced about the dive?

Please think about this and share your experiences and thoughts on this to We would like to establish some interaction with diver’s as we do when physically present at club meetings.

REMEMBER: There is nothing more dangerous than breaking a basic safety rule and getting away with it. It removes fear of the consequences and builds false confidence.

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