Genesee Chief (Cheboygan, MI)

Ship Name: “Genesee Chief” (Rubble Wreck)

Dive Type: Rubble Wreck  Water Body: Lake Huron –

Water Type: Duncan Bay

Area:  Location: Cheboygan, MI    (Duncan Bay)


Site Map:


Depth: 5-12′ (9/2010)

Skill Level*: 1 (easy dive location and shallow)


The wreck site is shallow and within 20 yards from shore. Its out from the pier and across the mouth of Duncan Bay. A boat/ kayak  is required for easy access.

Current condition of the vessel is pretty broken up. Most of the exposed wood is covered in Zebra mussels with boards recently expose of sand being clear.

Fish like to take refuge on the site, with the most abundant being the goby.

Items of interest / lore:

Access: Boat via Public Access Boat Ramp

Hours: N/A Fees: $5 for use of the Cheboygan City Boat Ramp down by the Park. There is a free public launch for small boats on the Duncan Bay side of the Cheboygan river.

Amenities: Boat ramp with bathrooms at the city launch, None at the free launch area

Who has dove here: MUD Club

Dive History: Last Club Dive: 9/2010

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Link to dives:*(1 = Novice, 5 = Advanced, 10 = Technical)