2022 – July 19 – Michigan U/W Diver Club Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by the club president Amy Ailes at 7:35 PM.

Roll call identified 10 Muddies were in attendance of 32 paid up members which included the Club President, Treasurer, and MUD Club Site Editor.

Financial report presented by Treasurer indicates we are solvent and have $2,200 in the bank.

The president read the minutes from the June meeting and discussed open items.

It was asked that all paid member emails addresses be verified correct and to insure that paid up members are receiving the monthly club newsletter. 

Purchase of a new AED battery was again mentioned.  Jim S and Kevin A will work to purchase a new or backup battery.  

A review of Club Swag includes 3 Hoodies (Blue/ Purple – 2 XL & 1 Medium) and 9 T-shirts (Medium) remaining. 

Discussion of diving related events or happenings identified during the last month 9 beaches had been temporarily closed due to unsafe water quality and high bacteria levels from unknown sources.  

Comments were made my several members about water pollution issues to include micro plastics being found in people’s lungs and in their blood serum. In a recent study in the Netherlands 17 of 22 adults tested had plastic particles in their blood. It was mentioned that the Whitehouse Nature Center, located near the Albion college’s campus in Albion, was closed all day Sunday due two independent sightings of a possible alligator in the Kalamazoo River. A google search also identified that last June an alligator was found basking in the sun on a fallen tree along the St. Joseph River in South Bend. Additional research noted that a fisherman fishing for salmon in the waters near Waukegan, Illinois spotted a 4-ft. American Alligator. Bottom Line- watch were your diving and have your GoPro ready.

Several members discussed their dives and several items from the MUD Club Facebook postings were mentioned or discussed:

Sir Larry made a few comments about a recent dive he made diving in the St. Joseph River in Niles.

It was noted that the next “Tankful Tuesday” dive for July 26th will be in Niles and that Jake T would give them a river check.

Jim Scholz identified he was heading up to the Straits of Mackinac for shipwreck diving for a week or two. Karen Mann mentioned that if she got her boat repaired, she too would be up their wreck diving as well.

Several members mentioned the issues with Karen’s boat and hoped a quick solution would be found.

Jim asked who would be interested in attending a Rescue Divers class and asked that he be contacted. It’s possible that CPR/First Aid/ and O2 Provider could possibly be included. Needs a positive head count before details could be worked out.

As far as diving and shipwrecks, Kevin has buoyed the Havana with assistance from Amy and Eric Rohloff. 

 It was also noted that Kevin Ailes, with the help of Amy and Jack Greve  presented a Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) presentation in July and did a great job.

Kevin & Amy Have been in the news for their recent wreck discoveries and investigations which have included the shipwreck the MUSIC (Portage Lake) and the Shipwreck of 1842 (the Milwaukee).

Reminder that the Mud Club Picnic will be on September 10 at Riverview Park in Niles beginning at high noon. As usual the club supplies the meat (chicken or steak as decided before the event) and it’s bring a plate to pass. Participants can come early or stay late to either kayak or dive the river.  

It was noted that participation at Tankful Tuesday (TT) dives have not been as well attended as expected or hoped for.

There was no Show & Tell this evening but the meeting concluded with Kirk Wutzke “Challenging” Diver’s Quiz.

Example questions: 

Q. What difference does your depth gauge read if in salt water vs fresh water at 30’?

Q. What are the advantages of a Black vs Clear Divers Mask?

Q. 200 BAR = ? PSIA (2,900 PSI)

Q. An 80 cu ft Al tank actually contains? cu ft. (True capacity 80.1 ÷1.0320 ≈ 77.6 ft3) 

I.E. = Aluminum “S80” (Luxfer DOT) US Specifications

  1. Water Volume = 678 in3  (1728 in3 = 1 ft3)
  2. Service Pressure @ 70°F = 3000 psi
  3. Ideal capacity (678÷1728) ×3000 ÷14.696= 80.1 ft3
  4. Z Factor = 1.0320
  5. True capacity 80.1 ÷1.0320 ≈ 77.6 ft3

PM Meeting ended at 7:45 PM

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