2022 – Nov 15 – Michigan Underwater Divers – Newsletter

November Newsletter – 15, 2022

The meeting was called to order by the President at 7:39 with 8 members in attendance.

Upcoming dive events

Shipwrecks and Scuba Symposium on Saturday November 19, in Huron, OH. http://www.shipwrecksandscuba.com/

Jim mentioned that he will be bringing back the “Turkey Dive” this year but doing it with a twist. Wolf’s Divers Supply will be seeding the River between the old bank building and the Whirlpool building with turkeys. Anyone who recovers a turkey will receive a prize from the shop. There is no charge to participate but all dives must register for insurance purposes.  The dive will begin with a shotgun start at 12:00 on Saturday, November 26 so arrive early to sign in and gear up for the start.

The annual New Years Eve / New Years Day dive is also in the planning stages. This will be the 46th year of the tradition of bringing the new year in underwater!

Old Business

There was no old business that we needed to take action on so we moved into new business.

New Business

We are in need of some more business cards for the club so Jim is going to order them. When the come in we will make cards available to all members so you can pass them out and help to bring some new divers into the community.


Amy Ailes, MaryBeth Thar, Ted and Kevin Ailes agreed to continue in there current positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and WebMaster respectively. With no other nominations for those positions a motion was made and passed to have them continue in their respective positions. Jim Scholz was nominated for Secretary and Don McAlhany for News Letter Editor. With no other nominations for those positions a motion was made and passed to elect Jim and Don to their nominated positions.

For the good of the organization.

There was a discussion by those present on how we can bring some new people and ideas into the club. Passing out business cards and inviting / bringing other divers to the meetings was suggested along with doing some polls / surveys to find out what people would like to see new or changed.

Everyone is reminded that there is no meeting in December and our next meeting will be January 17, 2023. Dues will be due in January so bring your $15 in cash and a few bucks for a beverage or snack after the meeting.

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