Prep Time for the New Years Eve Night Dive

As has been done for the past 40+ years, several Muddies spent the last day of the year getting ready to celebrate the coming in of the New Year under the icy covered waters somewhere in Michigan.

Round Lake (Sister Lakes – Dowagiac, MI) was our alternate dive site, since our planned location on Magician Lake had insufficient safe ice to support a group of divers and tenders with heavy scuba gear.

At Round Lake, we first cleared a path out to an area deep enough to dive. The chainsaw we were to use for cutting the ice became inoperative while making the initial cut, and we had to complete the job manually using an old fashion ice cutting saw.  The boundary area was then marked with reflective cones and tape to identify the area and as a warning to snow mobiles & ice walkers of the open water hazard.

This is the public parking are for Round Lake which is located in Dowagiac Michigan. It is one of several in the sister Lakes chain. As you can see there is a bit of snow on the ground.

The dive site has been prepared for the New Year’s Eve Dive

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