2020 – June – Tankful Tuesday

Tankful Tuesday Dive – June 23- Little Paw Paw Lake – Coloma, MI. 18:30 hrs (6:30 PM for others) – We met at the Public Access / boat launch.

To get there from I-94, Exit at 39 and head east on West Center Street, turn left onto North Church Street, thru downtown Coloma and follow “Paw Paw Lake Road” as it parallels Big PPL. Turn left onto Johnston Road (you’ll see the Handy Spot convenience store at the corner) and turn Left on Helen Street. That links up with Lake Drive and the public access parking. (that’s about 3 miles)

Looking to the right you will see the public access parking. If it had been crowded we were going to convoy to Forest Beach on Big PPL.

At the Public Access and boat launch. The sand beach area and the swim area off the beach was very clean and safe for kids. Drop off started at about 6 feet. Dark bottom when getting to deeper water ~25″ but a light makes the difference. Metal detecting not so good BUT grubbing was great! We pretty much had the public access all to ourselves this day with just a little bit of boat traffic. Nice warm day, gentle breeze and the few threatening clouds all passed us by.

Little Paw Paw Lake from the air – Boat Launch
The sandy spot, left center) is the Public Access. The lake is ~90 acres. The deepest point in the lake is 27 feet. Lake turnover time is ~.3 yrs. Boat launch and park at the end of “Helen” road. Heavy weeds in the summer out to 10 feet, bottom to the left of the launch is heavy muck and very dark. When Carp are breeding they sometime bump you if you are in the weeds and in their territory.
Karen, Barb, Kirk and Mac were on hand today. Karen finding the “official Dive” golf ball(s). Kurt & Barb provided shore support.
Like I said, Karen the grubber, did very well and some nice finds were recovered
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