2020 – Tankful Tuesday

Today’s dive was in Lake Michigan off the North Pier, Tiscornia Park, St, Joseph, Mi.

This was the initial post of this dive: Tuesdays dive is slated to be on the North Pier off Tiscornia Beach “WEATHER PERMITTING” which mean zero to very minimal wave action. There is a $9 (weekdays) charge to park at Tiscornia Park. The alternate dive site will be (Big) Paw Paw Lake (Watervliet) at the Forest Beach park.

I will visit the North Pier Tuesday in the early afternoon to determine wave action and diving conditions. “IF” in my opinion there is wave heights that do not meet what I consider the safest for intermediate divers I will immediately post on the club site that we will be diving our alternate site “Forest Beach”.

IF the pier conditions are good, those interested in consolidating gear and sharing a ride to the park can gather at the Whirlpool parking lot on Upton Drive prior to 1830 hrs (6:30 PM). Look for a dive flag!

It’s a long walk from the parking lot to the mid-point on the pier so its suggested that you bring a dolly cart or wagon to haul your gear. For those not diving just coming down and providing shore support is always appreciated.

The following pictures tell all about the dive. You missed a good one 🙂

Social Distancing before during and after the dive..
Water level is high as seen here on the lake side midpoint of the North Pier.
Karen M somewhere along the pier wall – visibility anywhere from 5 to 10 feet.
Treasures found included severay nice dive masks and even this skateboard in good working order. Lots of fish, very very few gobies seen and very low levels of zebra mussle infestation. Big surprise on both these items.
My face to face greeter when surfacing at the end of the dive.
Sun just setting as we finished loading our wet gear and departing the park.
Had to get that final sunset shot from the bluffs in downtown St. Joseph, MI. on the way home.
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