Thirsty Thursday Dives (Niles, Mi)

Thirsty Thursday Dives – The nice thing about belonging to a dive club is you can more often than not find a buddy to go diving with you.  Other opportunities to dive for any certified diver include the weekly  “Thirsty Thursday”  dive after 5:00.

During the last month of summer and early fall, the Saint Joseph river, as it wanders thru and around Niles, Michigan,  begins to clear up. That means the visibility increases , the river current moderates and the water temperature is suitable for wet suits.

One of the draws to diving the river  is looking for bottles, some of which can be of significant value to some collectors. Divers that do this sort of diving are called “grubbers” as they dig around in the muck looking for treasures made of glass.

Here are some typical finds:

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